Man accidentally gets delivery note inscribed on glass for girlfriend's birthday

Daniel Varey wanted to get his girlfriend a personalised gin glass for her birthday with the message ‘Happy 30th birthday princess, love you millions’.

But in a moment of confusion, he mixed up the delivery and personalisation boxes.

So when the glass arrived, it actually said ‘Can we have it delivered before Monday if possible as that’s her 30th. Nice one.’

As it came gift wrapped, he didn’t even realise until girlfriend Hayley Woodward, 30, opened a gin glass on her birthday on May 18.

Daniel, 28, from Denton, Manchester, said: ‘I was aiming to make Hayley’s birthday as special as I could for her so I bought her loads of gifts, booked a holiday for February 2021 (fingers crossed it happens).

‘The gin glass 100% cheered her up, she couldn’t stop laughing.’

Explaining what happened, Daniel added: ‘When I was putting the order through for the glass, it came up with a section saying “note for the glass” and additional notes for the business – I got them back to front.

‘I had a feeling that I did something wrong because I’m so dopey and I literally rushed the order as Hayley was sat next to me so had to do it secretly.

‘It came gift wrapped so I didn’t see it before she opened it and I was like what the hell is wrong with you? I’ve put my heart and soul into that glass! Then she showed it to me and I was mortified!

‘Hayley has already put the glass to use and enjoyed a nice gin and pink lemonade in it yesterday.

‘We have a great sense of humour and take life with a pinch of salt so we have definitely seen the funny side.’

Birthday girl Hayley said: ‘The glass is perfect, absolutely hilarious – it would only happen to us!

‘It definitely cheered me up about spending my birthday in lockdown.’

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