Luxe $28 MILLION apartment in NYC has its own pickle ball court

Inside the incredible $28 MILLION Manhattan apartment located at the Baccarat Hotel that comes complete with stunning city views, sprawling kitchen – and its own PICKLEBALL COURT

  • Enes Yilmazer, 33, took viewers on a tour of a luxe Midtown residence in the Baccarat building
  • The 4,200sqft apartment spans the 18th and 19th floors of the 50-story tower off Fifth Ave and 53rd St
  • Beyond the five beds and seven baths, the stunning space boasts a 3,500sqft wraparound terrace

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in an ultra-luxe pad in the heart of Manhattan? Well now try and imagine yourself not only setting up home in a stunning multi-million-dollar high rise – but one that comes complete with its very own pickle ball court.

Other than a lack of funds, there’s probably nothing else stopping you from perusing high-end real-estate listings online – and an in-depth video tour of a $28 million Midtown apartment is as good as it gets to feed your realty daydreaming.

Real estate YouTuber Enes Yilmazer has taken people inside the sprawling, just-listed duplex in the illustrious Baccarat Hotel & Residences right off Fifth Avenue on 53rd Street.

The five-bed, seven-bath apartment boasts a 4,200 square-foot expanse across its two floors, with the lower level flanked by a sweeping balcony extending from the indoor living area.

A duplex apartment in New York City’s Baccarat Hotel & Residences has been listed for $28 million

The residence spans the 18th and 19th floors of the building off Fifth Avenue on 53rd Street

The top 33 floors of the 50-story tower comprise the Baccarat’s residential holdings

Enes noted the many eminent skyscrapers within the panorama as seen from the terrace

The terrace spans 3,500 square feet, and is fitted out with some luxe-looking outdoor furniture

The apartment’s pickleball court would surely make its owner the envy of the tennis-like sport’s rapidly growing fanbase 

The floors below the 18th story houses guests at the Baccarat’s hotel. Pictured is the balcony

The building debuted in 2015, replacing a New York City public library that once stood at the site

Elite architecture firm SOM is behind the building’s Baccarat-crystal-inspired façade 

What’s more, the 3,500 square-foot terrace encompasses a pickleball court – sure to be the envy of the burgeoning fan base of the tennis-adjacent sport.

Enes begins his tour from the wraparound terrace, welcoming viewers to the Baccarat and introducing the apartment as a ‘rare find’ that he’s ‘beyond excited’ to show off.

Sashaying into the living room, he declares it a ‘beautiful space, so much natural light coming in’ and emphasizing its direct access to the balcony.

Over in the dining room, another pair of sliding glass doors leading to balcony can be found, adding to, in his words, the layout’s ‘amazing flow.’

The dining area also boasts ‘its own wet bar’ alongside two full-sized wine fridges ‘that are nicely integrated into the cabinetry.’ 

A few steps away lies the kitchen, centered on a natural stone-topped countertop-island with waterfall edges. A matching stone backsplash, meanwhile, lines the walls above the countertops at the perimeter of the space.

The lower-level bedroom suite also sports its own sliding glass doors, about which Enes gushes: ‘I just love that you can open up your sliding glass doors and walk out to your terrace, in Midtown! On an amazing street like this.

‘It’s pretty unheard of. You get phenomenal views. And it’s just, the amount of outdoor space you have – and how all these rooms that we just toured are connected to the outdoors – pretty amazing.’ 

The indoor area unfolds over an expansive 4,200 square feet, furnished with muted tones

Of the lower-floor balcony, Enes gushed: ‘I just love that you can open up your sliding glass doors and walk out to your terrace, in Midtown! On an amazing street like this’

The lower-level living areas feature multiple points of access to the terrace. Pictured is Enes in the space

Next to the dining area is another set of sliding glass doors on to the terrace. The room also features this stunning table

The dining area features two built-in wine fridges with countertops adding to the luxury feel

Enes was drawn to the natural stone countertops and backsplash in the kitchen

The upstairs offers three additional bedrooms – all with floor-to-ceiling windows. 

‘You get to enjoy [the city] straight from your bedroom,’ Enes declares. 

The shower of the bathroom adjacent to the junior primary bedroom suite is also bordered by full-length windows – including one that opens up so you can, as Enes points out, ‘hear the city while you’re taking a shower.’

He further enthuses of the feature: ‘I take New York City for what it is – it’s loud, it’s energetic – but something about hearing the city while you’re getting your day started is actually a pretty cool experience.’

Checking out the master bedroom, Enes further waxed lyrical of the wet bar built into the wall.

‘Wet bars are such underappreciated amenities in primary bedroom suites. Think about it: You wake up in the middle of the night. you want to get a glass of water. You can do that… You can put filtered water on this sink,’ he says.

‘You want to have your coffee, espresso. I’m a light sleeper myself. So if I wake up in the middle of the night and I go to the kitchen to grab a water, by the time I come back, I don’t know if I’m falling back to sleep,’ he continued of the merits of an in-bedroom wet bar.

All of the seven bedrooms boast spectacular views. Enes is pictured walking through one of the sleeping spaces

Even a bathtub is flanked by floor-to-ceiling windows – and modern amenities

There isn’t a major living space in the residence that lacks sweeping views of midtown Manhattan

The main bedroom faces north, revealing the view uptown of the Baccarat building

Enes waxed lyrical about the wet bar built into the master bedroom

The home, located between the building’s 18th and 19th floors, also comes with the ‘insane’ hotel amenities offered at the Baccarat high-rise.

This includes a full-service gym, a pool and spa by La Mer, the iconic skincare line’s first spa location in America.

Residential property owners at the Baccarat, who live on the upper 33 floors of the 50-story tower, are also in proximity to the hotel’s Grand Salon – the in-house, five-star restaurant and bar – as well a 24-hour concierge and security staff.

Ultra-elite architecture firm SOM, which designed the building’s exterior, wrote of its façade: ‘The tower’s 605-foot-tall east and west elevations — its main structural components — are sheathed in faceted, jet-black aluminum panels, referencing the austerity and minimalism of the neighboring Museum of Modern Art building. 

‘These solid, matte surfaces frame the dazzling, reflective north and south facades. Clad with crystal-clear glass, these surfaces evoke Baccarat’s long history of decorative arts.’

The 50-story tower, situated just across from the MoMA, opened in 2015, replacing the New York City public library that formerly stood at the site.

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