Love ‘Bird Box’? Here are five books to read beside the one it’s based on

“Bird Box” the book was terrifying people long before it was a Netflix movie starring Sandra Bullock. But thanks to the film, a whole new audience is being introduced to the 2014 post-apocalyptic novel by Josh Malerman. After weeks of slowly creeping up the USA TODAY Best-Selling Books List, “Bird Box” has found its perch in the top 10 after buzz about the late December 2018 movie. 

The novel takes place in a world where a terrifying entity, if seen, could drive a person to violence or death. A young mother, Malorie, takes her two children on a harrowing journey towards sanctuary. All three make the journey blindfolded for fear of taking in the creatures. The novel goes back and forth in time to five years earlier when civilization began to crumble.

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