Logan Paul's Parrot Maverick Was Eaten by His Dog: 'This Little Bird Inspired So Much of What I Do'

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RIP, Maverick the parrot.

Logan Paul‘s pet parrot, who inspired his Maverick by Logan Paul clothing line, has died, the YouTuber announced on his Instagram on Tuesday.

“I hate this post so much and i hate that i have to do this but i believe i owe it to y’all after the years of continuous and relentless support… the iconic @MaverickParrot has died,” Paul, 24, said in the caption for a series of photos of he and his beloved bird.

“After being with me every day for 7 years, since before I even started Vine, Maverick passed while I was away in Sweden. And by passed, I mean, he was eaten by my Mastiff, who mistook him for a small rubber chicken,” Paul continued.

“This little bird inspired so much of what I do, he was my best friend, he’s the inspiration behind the @MaverickByLoganPaul icon worn proudly by millions of people around the world, and as bizarre as it sounds, this little parrot’s legacy will live on FAR beyond his life,” he went on, saying that he’s “not sure where to [go] from here or how to handle this because it’s symbolic to me in so many ways.”

Despite his sadness at Maverick’s death, Paul concluded the post on a positive note.

“But for all the Mavericks out there who continue to see life through the lens of possibility, who continue to persevere and embrace their differences, I have never-ending love and optimism for you,” he said. “Maverick will always be with us in spirit, and he will forever hold the largest piece of my heart. Stay strong & I will too.”

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On his podcast, Impaulsive, on Wednesday, Paul also addressed the bird’s death, further explaining what happened and getting a little more vulnerable about how he is handling the passing of his beloved pet.

“You may have heard the news,” Paul said at the top of the show. “The iconic Maverick the parrot has passed away. And by passed away, I mean, he was eaten by my Mastiff … she’s 6 months old. She’s just a huge dog who doesn’t quite know the difference between anything.”


“Exhibit A, she’s been tearing up my Gucci slides,” he said, holding up a pair of ruined shoes. “She eats everything that I own.” He also held up his Passport, which had been chewed up by the puppy as well.

“It really does break my heart, because he was so much more than a bird, obviously. Like, literally we made him our brand, and he flew with us. He flew with us in our journey, we rallied around him as a community and activated what it meant to be a maverick,” he added.

Paul admitted that he’s having a difficult time dealing with Maverick’s death.

“To be honest with you, I’m reaching a point where I don’t know how to handle anymore, I don’t know how to deal with this. First it was Kong, incredibly depressing, incredibly sad, all of us miss him every day,” he said, referencing his other dog that was killed by a coyote earlier this year. “And now Maverick.”

Paul revealed he had gotten the Mastiff puppy, named Ginger, back in May, with an Instagram post captioned, “i bought a lion puppy @gingerthegiant.”

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