‘Little’ review: Body-swapping flick ‘predictably’ channels ‘Big’

“Little” is the opposite of 1988’s “Big” in three ways. One, the main character, a powerful app developer named Jordan (Regina Hall), is turned into a kid, rather than a kid into grown-up Tom Hanks. Two, she’s a woman. Three, her movie is a little . . . predictable.

Jordan is known around the office as a cruel workaholic. Sometimes she goes full-on Amy Klobuchar (allegedly) and whacks underlings with office supplies. Then one day, a girl who plays near her building waves a magic wand and says, “I wish you were little.” Jordan wakes up as a teenager.

Spotted by neighbors, she’s forced to go to school in order to not be snapped up by child services. Then the story shifts into a “be yourself” pep rally in which Jordan tries to help a group of high school rejects get into the talent show. Strange for a movie about fundamentally changing oneself.

Issa Rae, as Jordan’s mistreated assistant (and the only person who knows her secret), segues comfortably from her more low-key show “Insecure” to an oversize comedy, and Marsai Martin is a ham as teen Jordan. I only wish the “Little” laughs were bigger.

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