Lisa Rinna from 'RHOBH' Lowers the Boom on Twitter Haters

The heated season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just went scorched earth. Cast member Lisa Rinna took to Twitter to admonish fans who were already lashing out at the cast.

While viewers are yet to learn exactly why the cast is longer speaking to OG Beverly Hills cast member Lisa Vanderpump, they have an inkling. Fans are already taking sides with a strong number not enjoying how they are seeing Vanderpump being treated so far.

One fan summed up on Twitter what many were thinking. “I must admit I was nervous this episode was gonna make me switch sides like was promised from the cast. I love that not only did they not live up to the promises to expose something shocking about LVP, but the whole internet is team @LisaVanderpump.Checkmate, bitches.” So what did Rinna have to say and why is the cast so divided?

So what gives?

The season started with a bang as Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd got into an argument with Kyle Richards at Vanderpump’s home. Todd became so enraged he booted Richards from their home, leaving viewers to wonder how their relationship deteriorated so horribly.

The main focus of episode one was how cast member Dorit Kemsley handled a dog adoption through Vanderpump Dogs. She claims the dog, Lucy nipped at her children and bit her husband. Rather than returning the pup to Vanderpump’s rescue, which was stated in the contract, she re-homed Lucy to what she thought was a loving home. Unfortunately the new owners gave Lucy to a local shelter. The shelter contacted Vanderpump Dogs and Lucy was returned.

Cast member, Erika Girardi hinted in her blog about why Richards and Vanderpump got into the explosive fight seen in the first scene of season one. “I know how much Kyle cares for LVP…but there’s something more here, and I suspect it’s allllll about Lucy.” The first episode ended showing how Kemsley was painted as a villain in the press with the ladies questioning who planted the stories.

Fans are lashing out at cast members

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Happy birthday to my beautiful, sweet, kind, fun, friend @deniserichards! I hope your day is filled with all the love you deserve!! ✨

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A number of fans took to social media to blast Kemsley about the decision she made with the dog. “@doritkemsley’s excuse is she found the dog a wonderful home,” one person tweeted. “Who then tossed it to a pound. So, not such a wonderful home and that’s why we write the rescue contracts the way we do! Most dogs coming through have already been through hell, so we try to avoid a second hell!” Others jabbed at the Kemsley’s financial troubles and recent robbery.

Fans also turned on Richards who is a usual favorite. “Kyle tells Lisa she never opens up with her feelings,” was the general consensus on Twitter. “Lisa opens up and Kyle is like ‘we are all going through things’ hence why Lisa doesn’t open up. Good friend you are Kyle. Good friend.”

What really happened between Lisa and Kyle?

Richards blogged about what really occurred during the heated exchange at Vanderpump Dogs. Vanderpump took a dig at Richards about not attending a Daily Mail party at Tom Tom. Richards said she received an invitation but didn’t think the restaurant had opened. She called Vanderpump who told her the Daily Mail party wasn’t even her party and Tom Tom wasn’t open.

When Richards later tried to visit Vanderpump, Vanderpump joked that at least Teddi Mellencamp showed up to the Daily Mail party. When Richards said she was confused and to not look for problems with her, Vanderpump texted, “I don’t have to look. I didn’t invite anyone, but some just show up and I love them for it…Teddy Bear.”

Richards then set the record straight about what exactly went down at Vanderpump Dogs. “So when I told Lisa at Vanderpump Dogs that she was being a bitch to me about the Daily Mail party, I was referring to that text and the fact that I KNEW she would turn nothing into something.” She says she felt set up.

“I love Lisa, but she loves to jump at a chance to make me look like a bad friend, which I am NOT. I pride myself on being a good friend, and all my friends can attest to that. So why does Lisa do that? If she actually wanted me there, I would have done my best to get there. I know she’s going through a hard time, but this isn’t anything new. It’s a pattern and I was quickly defensive because I have been down this road before.”

How did Rinna get involved?

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Baby Rinna. ? circa 1991 ish

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Baby Rinna. ? circa 1991 ish

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Baby Rinna. circa 1991 ish

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Apparently, Rinna sent a “happy birthday” tweet to Vanderpump but then deleted it. When she saw the widespread hate on social media, she had enough. “Seriously It’s absolutely disgusting what I’ve heard some of you tweet to my cast members and you should be ashamed of yourselves for such hate,” Rinna tweeted.

She then returned to Twitter to add, “Instagram is so much cooler you are sick f**ks here not all of you but so many.” She also commented that a tweet from a fan was pretty aggressive. The fan’s tweet has now been deleted.

Meanwhile, in the much cooler world of Instagram, Rinna posted a throwback picture from the early 1990s. Her Instagram story is filled with memes about how the truth will be revealed and that the best revenge is no revenge.

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