Lindsay Lohan Slams Tamar Braxton As ‘Deceptive’ & ‘Conniving’ After ‘CBB’ Finale

Lindsay Lohan is not impressed with how Tamar Braxton won ‘Celebrity Big Brother.’ Her mom Dina competed against the singer and Lilo is now calling her ‘conniving and deceptive.’

Lindsay Lohan is throwing major shade at Tamar Braxton after the 41-year-old beat out the rest of the household competition to win season two of Celebrity Big Brother on Feb. 14. The Lohan Beach Club owner’s 56-year-old mom Dina was one of the competitors and Lilo feels that Tamar stepped on other female contestants to take home her big victory. “Congrats. God bless you. But you are not any friend of women. You’re deceptive and conniving and so is this #RR,” Lindsay tweeted directly to Tamar after her win, although no one seems to known what #RR meant.

Linds continued, “MONEY IS MORE TO YOU than being a strong woman #sadness bless you #HappyValentinesDay #KarmaSuperHit,” in her missive to Tamar.  The Braxton Family Values star played to the jury’s sympathy before winning CBB, telling them “I am a huge fan of this show. I played the game to the best of my ability,”  then added “I lost my job publicly in front of everybody. I lost my husband…And I almost lost my life.”

Lindsay seems to not realize that this is a GAME which needs to be strategically and shrewdly played. Tamar did what she had to do to win and she has big plans for the $250,000 prize money. She posted a video clip to her Instagram page of host Julie Chen announcing her victory over NFL player Ricky Williams which showed Tamar going wild with joy. She captioned it “And now I get to buy my baby a house. Thank you all!” apparently referring to her five-year-old son Logan Herbert.

It wasn’t just Tamar who drew Lindsay’s ire. She tweeted at President Donald Trump’s former Communications Director (for only 10 days) Anthony Scaramucci for turning on her fellow Long Islander mom Dina. “@Scaramucci didn’t trump let you go? Giving you another chance to be a man protecting women and people from nyc in @CBSBigBrother? I’m pretty sure you failed by going rogue against @dinalohan #YOUARENOTALLOWEDINGREECE @TamarBraxtonHer @lohanbeachclub @panosofgreece” Ouch! So by not protecting Dina, Lindsay is going to try to block the Mooch from visiting Greece, the country where her beach club is located? Apparently crossing a fellow Long Island native is a very big deal to Lindsay.

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