Lindsay Lohan Explains Why She Decided to Open a Beach Club

Only boring people get bored, and Lindsay Lohan is not a boring person. Far from it—she’s keeping very, very busy, between shooting a handful of film and television projects, launching a reported beauty brand and a fashion label, and opening a series of beach clubs across Greece. And then, there’s Lindsay Lohan’s Beach House the much-anticipated (obviously) reality series set at her Mykonos club, the fittingly named Lohan Beach House. On Monday, the series premiered its first trailer and revealed its release date—Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club is coming January 8.

In the short trailer, Lohan explains why she wanted to get into the beach club industry in the first place. “I’ve gone through so much in my past. People have always given me trouble for going to clubs, so why don’t I just open my own?” she says. “Boss bitch,” she adds, snapping. (Gone is all trace of the vaguely European accent she had adopted on and off in recent years.) Of course, a beachfront Mykonos property is a long way from the New York and Los Angeles clubs where the paparazzi fueled and documented the worst of her early-’00s partying exploits.

She goes on to set up what seems like a pretty straightforward reality-show narrative. “To work for me, you have to be the best of the best,” she says, welcoming her presumed audience to “my Mykonos.” Her own song, the 2008 single “Bossy,” plays in the background. “I want to build an empire here,” she explains.

If that’s her ambition, honestly, Lohan is well on her way. Last year, she simply licensed her name to her eponymous club in Athens, but then, frustrated by the lack of creative control over the property according to an interview with the New York Times, she decided to open another club—the Mykonos club—where she’d be able to control every detail, right down to the playlist. She’s taken to it so much that she’s planning to open a club in Rhodes and perhaps even in Dubai—which, just putting it out there, also hold the promise of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club spinoff series. (She’s also since bought out the Athens club, again per the Times.)

The new trailer is the second preview of the upcoming series put out by MTV since it was announced over the summer. “Did you miss me?” Lohan asks at the end of the brief clip. Does she even have to ask?

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