‘L&HH New York’: Joe Becomes Furious When Cyn Twerks In A Hot Tub With Strangers

Well, that was awkward. Joe Budden and Cyn Santana wanted to have a romantic time in Costa Rica, during the Feb. 25 episode of ‘L&HH New York’, but things took a turn for the worst after a sexy hot tub dance.

The cast of Love & Hip Hop New York was still in Costa Rica during the Feb. 25 episode, and despite Yandy and Kimbella‘s ongoing trouble, everyone seemed to be getting along. That is, until Cyn Santana did something to upset Joe Budden. Joe had initially planned a night of romance with his lady, but things took a turn for the worst when she went down to the resort’s hot tub and started twerking in front of strangers. She didn’t mean any harm by it, but Joe said she should start thinking about the way she presents herself. He felt that she was flirting with strangers by shaking her butt like that. Yet, she feels she’s 26 and should be able to have fun when she wants to.

And Joe’s frustration only grew from there. But not all of his anger was directed at Cyn. He put their feud on the back burner for a bit, when he confronted Safaree over the fact that he secretly brought Erica Mena to Costa Rica. He previously told Joe that he wasn’t going to bring her, so Joe became irate after he saw Erica posting on her social media pages from their resort. But Safaree didn’t feel he had to tell Joe about his personal life. Especially because when Joe had asked, Safaree wasn’t planning on bringing Erica. He said plans changed after that. Still, Joe said Safaree could have called or texted him to tell him about the change in plans.

As for Yandy and Kimbella, they decided to put their fight to the side — for now — so everyone in the group could enjoy their trip to Costa Rica. And if you ask us, that might be for the best. But we’re sure they’ll duke it out more when they return home.

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