Laughing yob rips off seagull’s head in sickening Snapchat video

A shocking video shows a man ripping off the head of a seagull.

The video, believed to have been filmed in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, shows the man swinging the bird's body around until its head falls off.

He then laughs hysterically as he picks up the bird's decapitated head, asking: "Is that its head?"

The clip, taken on Snapchat, was captioned: "Nerver (sic) fu**al normal jay gettin his dinner."

The RSPCA has since launched an appeal urging anyone with information on the incident. Police say the bird was already dead before the video was filmed and will not be investigating further.

The video has since gone viral, as hundreds of users lashed out at the man's vile behaviour.

One user wrote: "Sad to need to even get pleasure from that."

Another added: "Let's do the same to him see how he likes it."

One said: "What on earth is wrong with people who apparently get pleasure from doing something as sickening as this."

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