Latrice Royale Is Back With A Vengeance To Win The Crown That’s Rightfully Hers

Spoilers ahead for the RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars Season 4 premiere. A fourth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars is finally underway, and the specially selected super-queens have officially returned to their old stomping grounds to compete with the fiercest of the fierce. For some, this return is their first, and for others, it’s one of many. Latrice Royale, after appearing on the recently aired RuPaul’s Holi-Slay Spectacular, stepped into the werkroom for her fifth time on Friday night. And that, on its own, is deserving of a win. But of course, she’s a class act and an old-school queen, so she has a plan for how to win All Stars Season 4 and seal her legend with a crown.

Latrice’s comeback was one of a few gag-worthy twists that jarred fans, and the other queens, during the AS4 premiere. The first eight queens made their trademarked entrances and were greeted by an, as always, fabulously suited RuPaul. That’s when he welcomed team Latrila, and wigs practically went flying. This entrance paid homage to Latrice and fellow Drag Race veteran Manila Luzon’s iconic partnership on All Stars Season 1. The other queens began shaking in their heels in fear of being paired off, because they knew how it went the first time around, and, in the words of Monique Heart, it was not stunning.

They were able to breathe a sigh of relief when it was ru-vealed that the two legends were invited back to compete separately. Good one, Mama Ru. But that didn’t put the younger queens totally at ease, because with Latrice in the house, the competition just got even more fierce. As Monét X Change responded, "Things literally just got three times harder."

Viewers and fellow competitors alike should consider it a privilege to watch Latrice compete on Drag Race once again. According to Entertainment Weekly, she was actually invited to compete on All Stars Season 3 and declined "due to a conflict of interest with several contestants who were signed to her management roster." EW also reported that she nearly declined to appear on Season 4, but something special must’ve drawn her back in. A spot in RuPaul’s All Stars hall of fame, perhaps?

As it does on most seasons, the inaugural episode of AS4 saw most of the participating queens stick out their contoured chests and project their inevitable victories. While they were doing that, Latrice effortlessly snatched one from their bedazzled press-on claws. The first mini-challenge of the season was a "reader," or roasting challenge where each queen was tasked with comedically throwing shade at her peers. And every longtime Drag Race fan knows that reading is at the top of Latrice’s skill set on her resumé. After crushing the competition in past reading challenges, her win came as no surprise.

Latrice emanates a confident and carefree aura that screams, "I don’t need this competition to be a winner." It’s obvious that she’s doing just fine on her own. She’s only back to remind the world what she’s capable of, and to claim what’s rightfully hers. For now, she’s hanging back and letting the weak links drop like flies. Then she’ll break out the big wigs.

That said, she remained safe after performing a seamless flag-twirling routine to her song "Excuse the Beauty" for RuPaul’s All Star Spangled Variety Show, wearing a shining emerald green leotard, no less. "The general consensus is that we’ve had our turn, and therefore we shouldn’t be here," she said in her VH1 promo interview for this season, referring to the more veteran queens on AS4. Her response to that consensus was one you’ve probably heard from her before: "Eat it b*tches," she said. "I’m here."

Shan’t you forget, she is "large and in charge, chunky and funky, motherf*cking Latrice Royale." And she’s not playing games. She came back to do one thing, and one thing only, and that’s to win. that. crown.

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