Kylie Jenner & Stormi Are Totally Twinning In These Sweet New Mother-Daughter Photos

It’s the holiday season, and one member of Kardasian-Jenner family is definitely enjoying the cold weather. On Saturday, Kylie Jenner shared twinning photos with Stormi, and the adorable pictures show the mom and daughter are enjoying the chilly weather together. Kylie and Stormi are currently on the road with Stormi’s dad, Travis Scott, for his Astroworld tour. The reality-star has shared more than a few memories from the road, including these latest cold-weather posts.

This weekend, the tour stopped in the snowy Midwestern city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and will be in Omaha, Nebraska next week, according to Scott’s website. On Instagram, Kylie shared a couple of photos of herself and Stormi bundled up on an airport tarmac. The photos show the mom and daughter are twinning in sweats, with Kylie sporting a red beanie, while her daughter wears a pink one. The first photo was captioned with a pink and a red heart emoji. In the second post, Kylie attempts to give her daughter a kiss, but Stormi does not look too happy about it. The picture has a funny caption, though: "she loves my kisses I promise." The reality-star also shared a picture of Stormi on the plane, this time wearing pink puffy winter gear in addition to the pink beanie. The adorable image is captioned: "Stormi takes the snow," and includes a pink bow emoji.

The sweet snow day moment is not the first set of photos the makeup mogul shared from the road. In November, Kylie posted several pictures to kick off the tour with Scott, showing the couple posing in front of a banner and balloons, as well as a picture of them kicking back on the bus with the rapper. The Life of Kylie star also posted a picture on Instagram to wish Scott luck before his performance at Madison Square Garden. In the photo she wore Astroworld merch, and wrote: "the look ya give when your hubby is performing at madison square garden tonight."

Kylie isn’t the only one excited to take the family on tour. Scott has been sure to make memories on the road as well. In November, Scott brought Kylie on stage in New York, where they appeared on the Astroworld rollercoaster during his set. According to E! News, the rapper serenaded the Kylie with the song "Can’t Say," and kissed her at the end of the performance. It was the first time Scott brought Kylie onstage, though he’s given plenty of shout-outs to his family in the past, according to E!. The proud father also shared a video on Instagram of Stormi watching the Madison Square Garden performance backstage on a television. In the sweet post, Stormi dances to the songs, and Scott captioned the videos: "MSG ALL RAGERS INCLUDED."

Neither star has been shy about sharing behind-the-scenes moments. In late November, Kylie posted a vlog about the Madison Square Garden performance, which showed fans what it’s like on tour. The video revealed that Stormi gets her own room backstage, and showed both parents hanging out with their daughter before the performance. "We don’t let her out because of how loud it is out there," Kylie said. "But she usually sits backstage and watches her dad on the TV." Kylie also documented the excitement of her on-stage moment, and it’s clear both parents are enjoying being on the tour together.

The Astroworld tour only has a handful of dates left. It’s set to conclude just before the holidays. Luckily, Kylie, Scott, and Stormi have managed to get plenty of quality time in over the weeks on the road, and will likely make even more memories together once they’re back home for Christmas. This likely means there are plenty more adorable moments with Kylie and Stormi to come.

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