King Charles had a 'blinder' of a year says historian Gareth Russell

King Charles has had a ‘blinder’ of a first year on the throne (and that’s thanks to all his angry critics!) says historian Gareth Russell…

  • Many thought the Carolean reign would be a complete disaster
  • Meanwhile, Prince William scores highly in US poll
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King Charles has had a ‘blinder’ of a first year, but he has been helped by his own angry critics who set the bar so low, he was almost bound to succeed, says historian Gareth Russell

Speaking to True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat, Mr Russell said: ‘All Charles really had to do was not burn the house down, and he would have exceeded the expectations they set for him. 

‘So, I think in some ways this is a big rebuttal of critics who said he was going to be a complete disaster.’

Mr Russell, author of several royal books praised the Prince and Princess of Wales for paying attention to all parts of the country.

King Charles III wearing the Imperial State Crown on the Buckingham Palace balcony after his coronation on May 6, having ascended to the throne in September 2022

‘William and Catherine, whilst they have been doing a lot of travel across the rest of the Commonwealth recently, [have been] making sure they go to all four countries within the United Kingdom.

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‘As William launched his Homewards initiative to combat homelessness in Britain, he made sure to pick from Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England equally. 

‘The union is not as strong as it was under Elizabeth II so they have to be seen to uphold that,’ he said.

With Prince William topping a recent American poll of 15 prominent figures, The Mail on Sunday’s Assistant Editor Kate Mansey said he can expect a warm welcome  get when he visits New York next month for to promote his Earthshot environmental prize.

‘They will welcome him with open arms and he knows that, in order to save the planet in his big quest, he is going to have to have America on side. 

‘It’s a global project so he’ll be thrilled that he’s so high up the polls, and such a prestigious poll as well.’

The Prince of Wales will also undertake a number of engagements in New York City on September 18.

The Prince of Wales during a visit to the East Belfast Mission at the Skainos Centre, Belfast, as part of his tour of the UK to launch Homewards, aimed at ending homelessness, in June

Mail on Sunday Assistant Editor Kate Mansey said the poll reflects the reception Prince William will get when he visits New York next month

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