Kelly Dodd Says She Was 'Blindsided' by RHOC Firing, Braunwyn Windham-Burke Is 'Worst Human Being'

The former reality star said she thinks her former “Real Housewives of Orange County” co-star made up her storylines about alcoholism, sobriety and even coming out as gay.

“I had no idea,” Kelly Dodd told Jeff Lewis about her recent firing from “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” “Actually, I was blindsided.”

The former reality star appeared on Jeff’s Sirius XM radio show to talk about her surprise ouster from the show. She was let go alongside Elizabeth Vargas and Braunwyn Windham-Burke, whom she publicly blamed after sharing a private text chat between the women where she says they were fired because Braunwyn “brought all that political ‘woke’ BS” to the show.

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Kelly said that she got a phone call the same day the story broke from one of the owners of Evolution, the production company behind the show, to tell her, “We are not going to ask you back for next season.”

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Kelly, who has already cited her conservative political views as a possible reason for why the show didn’t ask her back, said that her immediate response was, “Why? Was it political?”

According to Kelly, the response was, “No, Bravo wanted to take a different direction than you.”

Kelly then said she asked if it was perhaps her Q-rating (a measure of a star’s popularity), with her husband Rick Leventhal noting that, “Even if people hate her, they love to hate her, they love to watch her.”

“Even though she’s been so controversial, she’s still great television,” he insisted.

“I have a million followers,” Kelly said, adding her followers across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. “And they are die-hard fans, they love me.”

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“Then I have this little group of people that are the cancel culture that hate me,” she continued. “They’re the loud ones … the woke, broke people. They love to hate me.”

Getting back to her overall popularity on the show, and whether or not that was a factor in Bravo’s decision, she said she was told that this was the first time the network did not share that information about anyone on the cast. In other words, they may be looking at shifting the direction of the show regardless of Q-ratings.

Jeff then asked if there might be a personal element, asking if she’d perhaps insulted any executives — in other words, he knew exactly what had happened. And he was right. Kelly said she did.

“Ultimate, I got fired because of myself,” she conceded. “I’m the one who got myself fired. I was like Howard Stern with WNBC … I was causing [executives] a lot of grief. I was causing them a lot of trouble. And, you know, I’m sorry about that. I feel bad.”

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One thing she doesn’t feel bad about, though, is that ongoing feud with Braunwyn Windham-Burke. She may have finally accepted responsibility for her own firing while talking with Jeff Lewis, but it didn’t soften her feelings about Braunwyn one bit.

“She was probably the worst human being I have ever worked with ever in my whole entire life,” Kelly insisted, further alleging that Braunwyn’s “whole storyline was fake.” Braunwyn’s season highlights saw her working through her sobriety and coming out as gay.

When asked specifically what was fake, Kelly basically said everything. “I think being an alcoholic and then, you know, she bringing out, like, the lesbian,” Kelly said. “She wanted to be the first person on Bravo to be– She just wanted [so much] attention on her.”

“She told everybody that it was going to be her show and that she wants her own show and, you know, bleah,” she continued. “She was just a fake wacko.” When pressed if she really believed Braunwyn made up her alcoholism, Kelly said only that she believes Braunwyn to be “a liar.”

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