Kate & William’s ‘most authentic’ PDA moment did not happen at BAFTAs

Kate Middleton, 41, shocked royal fans all over the world when she appeared to tap Prince William on the lower back at the BAFTAs. The Prince and Princess of Wales are known for being quite a reserved couple in terms of their body language.

But Kate and William had a saucy PDA moment with all the cameras watching at the BAFTAs.

Judi James, a professional body language expert, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to explain why this moment wasn’t the couple’s “most authentic” PDA moment.

At the 2012 London Olympics, the Prince and Princess were photographed celebrating Team GB winning a gold medal.

William appeared to sweep Kate off her feet and embraced her in a very tight hug around her waist. Meanwhile, the Princess grabbed onto William’s shoulders to keep her balance.

Judi claimed: “Moments of intense and spontaneous celebration like this tend to shine a very telling light on relationships, both friendships and partnerships.

“For Kate and William, this was a moment that took William, in particular, out of his royal role to act, feel and behave like any other sporting fan when their team wins.

“His body language shows he has dropped all his inhibitions as he is swept up in a burst of adrenalin.

“His mouth is open in the widest form of a smile and it is a measure of their bonding that he clearly feels compelled to share this moment of intense happiness with Kate.”

Judi explained why this moment different greatly from Kate’s tap on William’s lower back at the BAFTAs.

She opined: “As a result, we get what is probably the most authentic PDA between the normally-reserved couple.

“The power of the moment and spontaneity of their mutual responses make it more telling than even their latest tactile and flirtatious outing on the BAFTA red carpet.”

A key difference between these two PDA moments, Judi argues, is that the couple were only clearly aware of the cameras during one of them.

She continued: “The important thing here is that they will have forgotten the cameras here and just allowed a moment of pure instinctive reaction to the stimulus of the win.

“The fact that William throws his arms around Kate to share the celebration places her in the league of a best friend as well as a life partner.

“Their celebratory signals here are matching, showing shared thinking and shared enjoyment.

“We have hugging, torso closeness, Kate’s full body stretch, and mirrored expressions of joy to show how many levels this relationship works on.”

Apart from this moment and the BAFTAs incident, Kate and William rarely engage in PDA.

Unlike Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who are often photographed hugging hands and kissing, William and Kate tend not to do this in public.

In fact, the only time the Prince and Princess of Wales have been photographed kissing on the lips in public was at their royal wedding 12 years ago.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, in contrast, were seen kissing at the Sentebale Polo 2018 match after Harry’s team won, as well as at the Invictus Games in The Hague in 2022.

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