Kate earned herself impressive nickname after her university Freshers’ Week

The Duchess of Cambridge has never been a big drinker, but that didn't stop her from having a lot of friends with her friends at university.

She was a student at the University of St Andrew's in Scotland with Prince William, and was good friends with her husband-to-be for years before they finally got together.

While Wills skipped Freshers' Week – a university tradition of welcoming new students with a week of nights out and partying – Kate fully embraced it.

In her book Kate: The Future Queen, royal expert Katie Nicholl claims Kate had "hectic week of partying, meeting her 'university parents – older pupils who were in charge of looking after freshers – finding her way around town and settling into her residence hall.

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"Kate soon found her way around and was often seen relaxing in the common room, curled up in an armchair, a cup of tea in hand, either reading newspaper articles her father rather touchingly mailed to her of getting to knew her fellow hall mates."

When William finally did arrive the following week, there was obviously a lot of excitement.

He moved into the flat above Kate's and it didn't take him long to notice the stunning brunette – probably because of the nickname she was given by her peers.

According to Katie, she had been dubbed 'Beautiful Kate' by the end of Freshers' Week.

She writes: "She was initially more reserved than many of the other young women, but her natural beauty was apparent.

"Tanned from a recent holiday in Barbados with her parents, fit from regular early morning run or swim, and dressed in her comfortable Hennes jeans, fitted sweater and signature cowboy boots, she radiated an outer freshness and an inner confidence."

Wills reportedly worked up the courage to ask her to join him and his friends for breakfast one day and they quickly became close friends.

Unsurprisingly, lots of the male students were very interested in Kate and she had countless offers of dates.

Friend Laura Warshauer she was often asked out by boys in their halls or on her course as she was "very striking and beautiful" and "bubbly and open".

And while she wasn't interested in most of the potential suiters who tried to date her, fourth-year law student Rupert Finch did catch her eye.

Pal Michael Choong said: "All the blokes loved Kate and all the girls loved Rupert. They were a golden couple.

"He would have crazy parties at his house, and all-night drinking sessions following nights at Ma Bells, when the vodka bottles came out."

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