‘Karen told me to leave beach as bikini was "too small" – I’m hot so who cares’

A content creator was livid after she was shamed by a woman who told her to leave a beach because she was wearing a "micro bikini".

Annie Knight, who makes spicy content on OnlyFans, hit back at the hater she met on Saturday while she was enjoying the warm weather on a beach.

She called the woman "old and wrinkly" and even labelled her a "Karen".

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Sharing on TikTok, the Australia babe explained what happened at Currumbin beach in Gold Coast.

"I just had a woman coming up to me at the beach telling me that I had to leave because my bikini was too small," Annie said.

"It is a micro bikini but who cares? I am hot.

"She was the definition of a 'Karen', she was so, so rude and judgemental about it.

"She's obviously just jealous, like I am young and hot and she is old and wrinkly.

"Honestly if you feel uncomfortable, just move away. You don't have to say something."

Annie said she decided to "make it a mission" to stay longer than the woman at the beach.

"Because f***you, you don't own this beach. You are not the f***ing council. Let me do what I want," she continued.

"Let me f***ing live. Anyway, what a Saturday!"

While she couldn't show the bikini in her video, she suggested viewers go to her Instagram.

Her bold statement divided opinions online as some people questioned her look.

One noted: "Young? Yes. Hot? Questionable. Huge forehead? Absolutely!"

Another said: "You're not hot, you're barely okay."

"What happened to 'not hating on other women and supporting them'?" a third asked.

Others who supported Annie and it's a public place and the woman had no right to tell her what to do.

"People need to mind their business and not yours," a fan commented.

"How ridiculous! Why should an old lady care what bikini you're wearing?!" a second added.

Annie said the woman was telling her "there's children around", however she assumed that it was actually her husband staring.


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