Kamala Harris: Vice President ‘could easily upstage less non-verbally eloquent’ Joe Biden

Kamala Harris arrives at the White House

Kamala Harris, 56, joined President Joe Biden yesterday for a series of events including the occasion where the new US President was officially sworn in. Kamala and her husband Doug Emhoff then joined Joe and Jill Biden in the virtual presidential inauguration prayer service, a tradition that dates back to the first inauguration of US President George Washington.

The President and his Vice President then took to the White House’s State Dining Room for an event where Joe delivered remarks on his administration’s coronavirus response and signed executive orders. 

With Kamala standing just behind the President holding her hands together, a body language expert has commented on how she is showing signs of loyalty, respect and admiration.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, body language expert Judi James analysed pictures of Kamala from the evening and explained what her body signals show.

Judi explained: “As the new Veep it is important that Kamala adopts the traditional body language signals of loyalty, respect and admiration as she stands behind and to the side of Biden as he is sworn in as the new President.

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“That tradition is unswerving. It is a pose Mike Pence adopted for (almost) the entire four years that Trump was in office and which Biden himself performed when he was Veep to Obama. 

“There is an intrinsic difference with Kamala though. 

“Pence and Biden had no visual qualities to upstage their presidents and very little risk of needing to step up to take over their duties. 

“Kamala though is the younger and more energetic option and in terms of her normal body language signals a naturally charismatic presence who could easily upstage her less non-verbally eloquent boss.”

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Standing watching Biden speak from a distance, Kamala on-looks with her hands together.

Even though she is wearing a face covering, the body language expert explained that she is showing signs of confidence.

The expert said: “Possibly as a result, Kamala has adopted a passive resting pose here, standing watching Biden make his speech with her hands clasped in front of her torso in a gesture of repose rather than action. 

“As he sits at his desk she holds her arms straight to her sides and, with her raised chin suggesting confidence, her eye expression looks watchful rather than emotional.”

The Presidential Inauguration took place on Wednesday where Kamala joined Biden for a day full of events.

To mark the occasion, Kamala dressed in bright purple and Judi explained that although her face was concealed with a mask, she showed signs of happiness.

Judi continued: “Kamala’s body language is both fascinating and complex. 

“During the inauguration her eye-smile was electric, beaming out signals of genuine pride and excitement throughout the day, even when the rest of her face was concealed by her mask. 

“When her face was revealed her mouth smile added to that impression of warmth, empathy and caring and her two signature hand gestures emphasised that air of humility and affection.”

On the day, Kamala also took her time to wave to the audience on several occasions.

The expert explained that her wave was “a sweet, modest clenching and unclenching of the fingers rather than a more victorious, flat-palmed ‘hail’ gesture.”

“This style of waving tends to signal status-lowering rather than ego-puffing and it’s the sort of friendly gesture you would probably return if you were in that audience,” the expert added. 

Other gestures from Kamal include her “heart-touch” which she used as a tie-sign where she touched one hand to the chest.

Judi explained that this links to emotions like love and loyalty, showing she is passionate about her new role as Vice President.

With such a powerful role, the expert explained that there are other signs from Kamala showing a sense of “inner confidence and steeliness”.

The expert went on: “Part of the power of her charisma is that she can blend signals of fierce intelligence, confidence, experience and toughness with the signs of caring, happiness and warmth. 

“Her walk to the White House was done with a determined, brusque stride with her arms held away from her torso and she took the stairs with the energy and resolve of someone keen to get down to business.”

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