K Pop Group ENHYPEN Has Some Interesting Emoji Interpretations

The K Pop boy band ENHYPEN might want to consider a Spice World-esque group film in the future. Why? Because this crew has some acting potential. I’m being for real! They joined us at Cosmo for our series, That’s So Emo which is literally the end all be all determinant of acting ability. It requires people to act out their assigned emojiswhile everyone else guesses. It’s a real challenge, and I don’t even think Daniel Day Lewis deserves the hype until we see him take this test.

ENHYPEN’s Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Ni-ki each took a swing at the emoji charades. I must note that they said Sunghoon would be good at the game due to his background in figure skating. Who knew That’s So Emo and skating required overlapping skill sets? Watch the full video to see which ENHYPEN member did the best, and make sure to check out their debut studio album DIMENSION: DILEMNA, on streaming platforms now!

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