Jordyn Woods: How She Feels About Possibly Having A Run-In With Kylie Jenner At Coachella

Everyone’s having a blast at Coachella during weekend one, and source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY what Jordyn Woods thinks of a potential run-in with Kylie Jenner.

Jordyn Woods, 21, has been spotted at Coachella – and her former best friend Kylie Jenner, also 21, was seen at the same festival. A reunion could happen unexpectedly in the desert, and an insider close to the former spilled how she’d feel about it. “Jordyn knew that going to Coachella she could run into a lot of people that are not that pleased with her, however, Jordyn wanted to go and have fun,” a Jordyn source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “She’s ready to just put this all behind her and live her life. Jordyn feels terrible about what happened, however, she’s really trying to be a mature adult and put her best foot forward with everything.”

Our insider continued, “She knows she’s a good, kind person who simply made a mistake and truly believes that time will heal everything. She’s surrounding herself with good people and plans to keep to herself as much as possible should she have any sort of awkward run-ins with Kylie’s family or friends, that she can be the bigger person and keep her head held high. She’s not worried.” Jordyn was seen on the first night of the festival getting cozy with a mystery man.

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