Jordan Ver Hoeve From ‘Huge In France’ Is SUPER Open About His Life On Instagram

Gad Elmaleh may be the creator and star of Netflix’s Huge In France, but there’s an important other half of the show’s hilarious father-son dynamic: Jordan Ver Hoeve, who plays Luke. The series follows Elmaleh, a French comedian, who moves to Los Angeles looking to reconnect with his son — only to discover that all of his fame and celebrity perks no longer apply. Naturally, hijinks ensue.

Despite the title, Huge In France may be the project that lands Elmaleh an international audience — and it also may be Ver Hoeve’s first big break. According to his IMDb, Ver Hoeve is a relative newcomer. In 2018, he was on the TV series Boss Cheer, in which he played William, and he appeared in the 2016 film 666: Teen Warlock as a character named Buck. So, being on a global platform like Netflix is a huge get for the budding Huge In France star.

Ver Hoeve got his start in the entertainment business as a model, and you can look through his Brand Talent profile for his portfolio. He may be extremely handsome and have a chiseled physique, but deep down, it seems like Ver Hoeve is just a young, regular guy trying to break into a new industry. He’s starting to get some opportunities, but he still geeks out and takes photos with Jonah Hill like a crazed fan. Hey, man — we’ve all been there.

Based on Ver Hoeve’s Instagram, he seems like an open book. He frequently shares long, emotional posts about things like fitness goals, his career progress, and his love for his Netflix subscription.

"No I’m not the biggest guy and I don’t know how to properly pose lol but progress is progress and I’m happy with how I’ve progressed!!" he captioned a photo highlighting his back muscle progress. "I don’t post these to ‘show of,’ do a ‘flex Friday’ or anything like that lol, I truly believe the body can be looked at as a canvas and be painted, shaped, molded, built…etc in so many ways. I exercise because mentally I love it, but also I have goals and look at it as a project to work on to achieve those goals."

Plus, it seems like just being on Huge In France has had a huge impact on Ver Hoeve, regardless of how the show is received.

"I feel so blessed to have worked with so many amazing and talented people on this project…both behind and in front of the camera," he captioned an Instagram post about the show. "I have so many thanks and recognitions I could list, but I am so grateful for those who have brought me to where I am. Get ready….this is gonna be HUGE, only up from here! Don’t let anyone or anything ever restrict you from pursuing you dreams….if it’s what makes you happy…do it for YOU."

Overall, Ver Hoeve seems like a positive young man excited about this next chapter in his career. Catch him in Huge In France when it hits Netflix on April 12.

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