Joan Cornellà and AllRightsReserved to Release 'Bootyboop' Vinyl Figure and Rug

Joan Cornellà and AllRightsReserved are rounding up 2020 with an exclusive vinyl figure and rug release of the Spanish artist’s Bootyboop piece.

An early creation of Cornellá’s, Bootyboop continues the unsettling and surreal comedy motifs the artist is loved for. The work sees his signature comic character sporting a cheerful, cheek-splitting grin bowing in the front and expressing playfulness behind. “It seems this surreal black humour resonates well with the times we live in,” Cornellá said in a statement. “Although, as I always say, I’d like my work to speak for itself, and I hope to keep interpretations as open as possible to allow for some sort of critical thinking.”

The upcoming release celebrates Cornellá’s “Contemporary Showcase: My Life Is Pointless” exhibition in Hong Kong, which marks both his return after three years and his biggest solo exhibition in the city yet.

The Bootyboop vinyl figure stands at seven inches tall with a printed signature under the feet, while its accompanying rug is crafted with 100 percent polyester and measures at 1000mm by 700mm. Both pieces will be available for purchase on the DDT Store starting December 21, with the figure priced at $199 USD and the rug at $380 USD. Shipping will begin at the end of March but is subjected to delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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