I've been trolled for looking like Meghan Markle

I’ve been trolled for looking like Meghan Markle – people are convinced we’re related and it’s got me free drinks

  • Sidney Beckles, 21, says people first started comparing her to Meghan in 2016 
  • Waitress says cruel trolls tell her they ‘wouldn’t be proud’ to look like Duchess
  • However, the social media star says their resemblance has its perks too 
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A woman has revealed she’s been trolled online over her uncanny resemblance to Meghan Markle – but claims it also has some perks too.

Sidney Beckles, 21, from Bournemouth, says TikTok users are constantly leaving cruel comments on her videos.

The waitress says it’s hard not to become increasingly upset over the trolling – with people leaving comments such as ‘she’s an evil person’, ‘wouldn’t be proud of that’ and ‘poor you, people will think you are a liar too’.

However, Sidney noted that there are upsides to looking so similar to the Duchess of Sussex – namely, people buying her drinks on nights out.

She explained: ‘I’m never trolled in person, just online. Most of the hate is directed at Meghan specifically, and just telling me that I shouldn’t be proud to look like her. 

Sidney Beckles (pictured), 21, from Bournemouth, posted a TikTok video last year sharing pictures of her and the Duchess of Sussex

‘Generally, people say good things, with the most common one online being: “Wow, I thought this was Meghan Markle” or “You look just like Meghan Markle, she’s beautiful.” And this is similar in person.’

Sidney says people started to comment on her resemblance to Meghan when the Duchess first started dating Prince Harry in 2016.

She continued: ‘I think at some angles I look like her if my hair is straightened, but in general, I never really think I do – unless someone points it out.

‘I find we have similar facial features, specifically our smiles.’

At the end of last year, Sidney posted a TikTok video where she shared images of herself and the Duchess where she could really see the resemblance herself.

She captioned the clip: ‘Since almost everyone says I look like Meghan Markle, here’s some pics where I kinda see it.’ 

The video has gone on to amass over 655,00 views and left viewers stunned.

One commented: ‘Are you adopted??’ 

The social media star says she first started being told she looked like Meghan when the Duchess began dating Prince Harry in 2016

Sidney says she’s met members of the public who were convinced she must be related to the Duchess of Sussex due to their similar appearances

TikTok viewers joked that Sidney could be cast as Meghan Markle in The Crown while others said they were ‘absolute twins’

Another added: ‘See you in season 10 – The Crown.’

A third gushed: ‘Are you sure you weren’t separated at birth? Absolute twins.’ 

Meanwhile, a fourth replied: ‘I can’t tell who’s who.’ 

Although she’s faced some trolling on the platform, Sidney says she’s flattered to be compared to Meghan. 

She added: ‘I find it a huge compliment to be considered her lookalike, as she’s a stunning woman.’

What’s more, Sidney says members of the public often assume they’re related – which she has made the most of on nights out.

Sidney said: ‘I find it a huge compliment to be considered her lookalike, as she’s a stunning woman.’

Sidney says she would never want to become a professional Meghan Markle lookalike as she ‘doesn’t want to base her life and reality on someone else’s looks’

Meghan Markle pictured in season seven of Suits in 2017 – before she left the show to marry Prince Harry

Sidney says her and her friends find it ‘very funny’ to see people confuse her for Meghan Markle

Left: Sidney Beckles poses for a selfie. Right: Meghan Markle pictured in a promotional image for season one of Suits

 She added: ‘And, it does have its perks at times, as it gets me attention, which can be fun.

‘For example, my friends and I got free drinks because people were convinced that we were related – it’s very funny.’

 That said, Sidney says she wouldn’t consider becoming a professional Meghan Markle lookalike any time soon.

She added: ‘It’s hard with regards to her as a person because I don’t really know much about her – but from what I do know, she seems to be a nice person.

‘I don’t really have much of an opinion on them, as they’re two human beings and deserve to have a voice just as everyone else does.

‘I’ve been told to make something out of looking like her, especially since making my TikTok.

‘But as nice as it is that people comment on it, I don’t want to base my life and reality on someone else’s looks. I want to be known for being myself.’

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