It's a Barbie World! Merchandise to snap up for the film's release

It’s a Barbie World! All the merchandise you can snap up to celebrate the film’s release – including Margot Robbie’s exact £180 roller skates

  • Mattel and Warner Bros have teamed up with brands on several product ranges 
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The Barbie movie doesn’t hit cinemas until tomorrow – but already, its influence is being felt across the high street. 

The highly-anticipated film starring Margot Robbie, 33, and Ryan Gosling, 42, follows the beloved children’s doll as she leaves Barbieland for the real world in a journey of self-discovery.

Ahead of its release, Mattel and Warner Bros have teamed up with a number of US and UK brands on a series of limited edition lines of merchandise.

Barbie dolls that match some of Margot’s exact outfits in the movie are currently being sold for £45 in Selfridges.

Meanwhile, the UK department store is also selling some £180 neon yellow roller-skates – inspired by a pair Barbie and Ken wear when visiting Venice Beach in LA in the movie.

Margot Robbie pictured playing Barbie in the upcoming Greta Gerwig movie, which hits UK cinemas tomorrow

What’s more, Spanish brand Zara has also collaborated with the movie on a limited edition fashion range – including a pink-and-white gingham strapless dress and a £99 logo leather bag.

Barbie-fever has also spread to the tech spheres too – as Casetify has released a range of phone cases, laptop sleeves and headphone cases inspired by the blockbuster movie.

On top of this, American Beauty brand NYX – which is sold in Superdrug in the UK – has teamed up with Warner Bros on an official line of makeup, which includes sparkly pink lip glosses, colourful palettes and fluttery fake lashes.

Here FEMAIL reveals the Barbie merchandise worth picking up from the high street ahead of the movie’s release tomorrow. 


Primark is one of the biggest high street brands to jump on the Barbie trend – and prices in their 85 product collection start at just £3.50.

Taking direct inspiration from the movie, the shop is selling a £14 neon swimsuit modelled on the one Barbie wears to Venice beach with her roller skates. 

The brand has also released a pair of hot pink pool sliders featuring the Barbie logo as well as a £10 reversible bucket hat.

Primark has released a pair of hot pink pool sliders featuring the Barbie logo, which cost only £9

Pictured: the brand’s faded grey vintage-style Barbie T-shirt, which currently retails for £7 in the UK

Primark’s reversible Barbie bucket hat is currently selling for £10 in stores across the UK

Primark’s Barbie The Movie Bralette And Shorts Set is currently selling for £10 in stores across the UK

This £14 neon Primark swimsuit is modelled on one that Margot Robbie wore during the filming of Barbie

Along with a £7 washed grey oversized t-shirt, Primark is also selling a pale pink bralette and short set too.


Gap hoodies are already having a resurgence among Gen Z on TikTok – and the US brand’s new Barbie designs will no doubt prove to be equally as popular.

The fashion brand has released a limited edition, seven-piece collection catering to both adults and children to celebrate the Barbie movie.

While their original £65 hoodie has been given a hot pink makeover, they have also come out with a £25 cropped vest featuring both the Gap and Barbie logos written in hot pink.

Alongside a £75 cropped fuschia denim jacket, Gap is selling a ribbed children’s tank dress and a short-sleeved pink T-shirt – which both retail for £25.

Pictured: Gap have given their classic vintage hoodie a hot pink makeover for the release of the Barbie movie

The brand has also come out with a cropped Barbie-themed top, featuring the Gap and Barbie logos for the release of the movie

This hot pink ribbed children’s dress features the Barbie and Gap logos and retails for £25 in the UK


Boohoo is another fashion brand who have collaborated with the Barbie movie creators on a limited edition range.

Available to shop now,  the 11-piece collection starts at £8 and caters for UK sizes 6-28.

The range extends across swimwear, loungewear and pale pink minidresses – with each item featuring some form of Barbie logo.

This pale pink strapless jersey dress features the Barbie logo in the middle and retails for £15 in the UK

Boohoo had also released a £15 white mini jersey dress featuring the Barbie logo in sparkly silver letters

This Barbie slogan printed oversized tracksuit and hoodie set also features the Barbie logo in pale pink

Boohoo has released a racer-style Barbie-inspired co-ord, including a micro mini skirt for £12


Spanish fashion house has unveiled a 85 items in their Barbie range – which includes dresses, shoes, bags, jewellery, stationery, key chains and water bottles.

Along with a £79 raffia bag, Zara is currently selling a pastel pink leather bag in the shape of the ‘B’ from the Barbie logo.

Taking further inspiration from the movie, the brand has released a £59 strapless pink-and-white gingham dress – inspired by one Margot wears on screen. 

Alongside the fashion range, Zara has brought out a £22.99 Barbie perfume – which contains notes of orange, neroli, powdery rose and vanilla. 

Pictured: this Zara Barbie leather tote bag is currently retailing for £99 and is available to shop online

Pictured: this £59 pink-and-white gingham strapless dress is inspired by a frock Barbie wears in the movie

Zara has also released a £79 raffia bag featuring a baby pink ‘B’ for Barbie and matching leather handles

The Spanish brand has released a matching co-ord set – made up of these £35.99 tracksuit bottoms and £22.99 cropped t-shirt

Zara has brought out a £22.99 Barbie perfume – which contains notes of orange, neroli, powdery rose and vanilla

The brand has also extended the range into stationery too – including this £12.99 Barbie notepad

Left: This stainless steel thermal bottle costs £35.99. Right: Zara’s Barbie-themed pink keyhain retails for £9.99.


Casetify are famous for their quirky collections of tech accessories – and their new Barbie range does not disappoint.  

The US-based brand currently has six different Barbie-inspired styles on offer – covered in illustrations of hearts, roses, lipsticks, sunglasses and Barbie dolls.

What’s more, shoppers can even customise a number of the designs to feature their names on the back of the cases.

In addition to their phone cases, Casetify is also selling Barbie-inspired AirPod cases, Apple watch straps, iPad cases, laptop sleeves and a magnetic wallet to attach to the back of devices.

This limited edition £76 Casetify Barbie-themed phone case is made to look like one of the doll’s handbags

This £56 Barbie pillow phone case is fully customisable so shoppers can add their own name on the back

The brand is also selling a £43 Barbie-inspired laptop sleeve, featuring the Barbie logo on top of a pink heart

This £38 Barbie-inspired card-holder is magnetic and attaches to the back of phones or other devices 


Currently, shoppers can visit a Barbie’s DreamHouse pop-up in London’s Selfridges – where the high-end department store is selling a range of dolls and Barbie-inspired clothing.

Online, shoppers can shop Margot Robbie’s exact roller skates that were used in the upcoming movie.

The £180 neon yellow skates by Impala feature hot pink laces and wheels. The brand is also selling a protective gear set – featuring the same neon print Margot and Ryan wear in the film.

This £45 Barbie The Movie doll has been modelled on one of Margot’s outfits from the upcoming film

Pictured: this £45 limited edition Barbie doll wears a hot pink pair of flares and a cropped sleeveless denim jacket

This Barbie is wearing the gold sequin jumpsuit which appears in the trailer for the upcoming movie

This £45 Ken doll is wearing a denim co-ord modelled on one of Ryan Gosling’s outfits from the movie

Selfridges is also selling a £180 pair of neon yellow roller skates inspired by the ones Margot Robbie wore to film the Venice Beach scene

Pictured: Impala has also released a £65 protective gear set, featuring the neon print on Margot and Ryan’s outfits

Impala is also selling a set of three Barbie-inspired socks for £30 on the Selfridges website in the UK

George at Asda 

George at Asda is another high street brand who have jumped on the Barbie bandwagon this summer.

The supermarket brand has released 17 items of womenswear to coincide with the release of the film – with prices starting at £12.50.

Leaning into the 80s theme, George at Asda’s clothing features a slightly older version of the Barbie logo – including a vintage-style £15 T-Shirt and black crop top and shorts set.

George at Asda’s Barbie mechandise has a more retro feel – including this £15 vintage-style oversized t-shirt

This cropped white Barbie t-shirt features the iconic logo in pale pink and is currently on sale for £14

This hot pink Barbie sweatshirt has an oversized fit and currently retails for £18 on the George at Asda website

The brand has also come out with a £12.50 acid-wash crop top and a matching pair of £16 shorts 


NYX is one of a handful of beauty brands who have collaborated with the Barbie movie creators on a range of makeup.

The collection includes a bright pink and orange cheek and highlight palette, which costs £10.

In a nod to some of Barbie’s more retro looks, the brand has also unveiled a jumbo eye pencil kit for £12 – featuring bright blue and pink liners.

Pictured: US beauty brand NYX has brought out this Barbie On The Go Mini Cheek and Highlight Palette for £10

The brand has also released some £12 Jumbo Fake lashes inspired by the Barbie Movie, which hits screens in the UK tomorrow

This limited edition £12 NYX palette features shimmery eyeshadows, blusher, bronzer and a sparkly pink lipgloss

NYX’s limited edition Turn Up The Ken-Ergy! palette features shimmery eyeshadows, blusher, bronzer and a sparkly pink lipgloss

The American brand has also come out with £12 set of pink and blue jumbo eyeliners to celebrate the release of the movie

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