Island Community Bands Together to Find and Rescue Senior Golden Retriever Missing for 5 Days

Sometimes it take a village to find a dog.

According to KOMO News, residents of Lopez Island, Washington, banded together to help Jane Albrecht find her missing 14-year-old golden retriever Sage.

Once the community's dog lovers heard the senior canine went missing from home, they formed groups to hike, kayak, and drive over every inch of the island. Over five days, the people of Lopez Island spent hours searching for the dog, using drones to cover more land, and comparing maps to make sure that every spot was searched.

Neighbors like Stephanie Vallejo were especially driven to find Sage because they knew the senior dog — who is suffering from arthritis, an enlarged heart, and seizures — would have a hard time surviving on his own.

Vallejo, who was helping lead some of the searches for Sage, got the good news call she was hoping for five days after the golden retriever disappeared. Searcher Jim Parker spotted the pooch at the end of a steep path lying on a rock in the water. Unable to reach him on foot, the Sage searchers got into their canoes and kayaks to reach the dog by water.

Vallejo was one of the boaters to meet Sage out on the rock and helped pull the 110-pound dog, who was unable to stand on his own, safely into a kayak. Sage was paddled to shore, where he was immediately taken to the vet. Thanks to the ceaseless work of his neighbors, Sage is back home recuperating from his time outdoors with only minor injuries.

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