Internet terrified by ‘giant snake’ on counter – but it’s not as it seems

Look away if you are not a fan of snakes- as one baker has left fans in for a fright when a huge snake found itself on his kitchen counter.

But, it is not as scary as you think.

This is no normal snake – it is actually made out of cake.

And, it is that detailed, the baker has managed to trick his fans into thinking the icing covered sculpture was real.

The self-proclaimed ‘King Of Cake’ Ben Cullen, or more commonly known as The Bake King, has shared his new creative food item on Instagram.

He often posts realistic looking cakes for all of his 304,000 followers to see and this cake is no exception.

The creepy looking sponge has been decorated with the markings of a cobra and the beady eyes of the real deal.

To make the reptile even more realistic, The Bake King has skilfully given the cake a forked tongue and a coiling body that perfects the shape of the snake.

It looks as if the slithery animal is about to attack.

The imaginative baker shared a snap of the cake cut and instead of guts and gore, the inside of the snake showed a delicious looking vanilla sponge with chocolate filling.

The Bake King said in the caption that the slithery snake was for a child’s fourth birthday – they must have been pretty brave!

But despite the master baker showing that his creation was purely cake based, many people could not believe that the snake was not real and so took the comments to share their shock.

One person commented: “I wouldn't eat it. I wouldn't even sit in same room with it even though I know it's a cake. It looks too real.”

Another user fretted: “It is so real! I couldn't eat.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “Immediately no. Only because I hate snakes. But an amazing cake of course.”

Someone else said: “Man, I love cake! But that’s one cake I would have to refuse!!”

As a fifth person remarked: “Even though I know this is cake I still thought snake!”

We must admit we had to do a double take ourselves!

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