Influencer swears by ‘menstrual blood mask’ to keep her skin looking younger

A model has shared her tricks to keep her skin looking young.

Between face creams and cosmetic procedures, one woman has claimed she uses a mask made of menstrual blood.

Mimi Boliviana swears by the ritual, although the technique has not been scientifically proven to be effective.

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She said: "It's good to stay young, especially in front of the cameras. I usually apply the mask a couple of times during my cycle.

"I use a brush and get it through the collection cup and dilute it with a little filtered water."

Mimi added: "Contrary to what they think, the smell is not strong, it just has the odour of iron – as long as you have a healthy diet."

The technique isn't scientifically proven to be effective, but she guarantees she feels changes in her face.

She continued: "It looks like baby skin. Hydrated and rejuvenated."

The porn star recently made headlines when she revealed her ex makes her choose between him and her teddy.

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Her toy, which is named Ursinho, is a plushie which always sits next to the model in photos.

She has travelled with him to more than 16 countries for almost two years now.

And since the model started holidaying with her toy, she's gained a huge following where she has over 384,000 fans on Instagram.

On another occasion, the porn star also gave fans a chance to win a "sex night" with her.

She said she's held a number of sweepstakes in the past to increase her number of subscribers and earnings on the platform.

And one of these was for a voucher to have a "sex night" with her.

The Bolivian model said: "I have already given away a date voucher for a sex night.

"I thought it was a way of saying thank you for all the support I get."

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