Influencer shows off ‘real’ body shape in comparison photos taken second apart

An influencer has showed fans her "real" body shape in comparison snaps, which were taken just seconds apart.

Australian beauty Bree Lenehan, who is known for her health and lifestyle content, took to her Instagram page to share the photos with her 427,000 followers.

The stunner shared two comparison snaps which were placed next to each other while wearing various different outfits.

In the first photos, she was seen posing for the camera, while in the second snaps, she was clearly more relaxed for the picture.

Bree was first off seen wearing a skimpy green halter neck dress, which hugged her curves.

While in a second, she flaunted her stomach while in a lilac sports bra and gym shorts.

A third also showed her wearing gym wear and she smiled for the camera and then zoomed in. While in a fourth, she wore a skintight, red bodysuit

Captioning the post, Bree wrote: "What do sunsets, butterflies, storms, smiles, flowers, diamonds, the ocean, rainbows and the smell of rain have in common? Not much, they’re all pretty different, but there’s BEAUTY in all of those things.

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"Just because you appreciate one, doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the other. And it’s the same deal for each and every one of us. Despite what we’ve been brought up to believe, there’s not just one type of beautiful."

She added: "I know that today could be the day you decide to kickstart your health journey to reach your 'body goals' after a weekend of simply ENJOYING YO LIFE and there’s nothing wrong with working on yourself, but I’ll just leave this here to remind you that a woman who works out regularly, eats well and lives a healthy lifestyle can have belly fat, cellulite, stretch marks, and doesn’t always look as toned and fit as she may appear online.

"So next time you question your self-worth when comparing yourself to someone you idolise online, remember this: If we base our self-worth on something as ever-changing as our bodies, we will forever be on the emotional rollercoaster of body obsession and shame.

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"So I hope these weekly doses of reality help with that. The more we see normal women with normal bodies, the more realistic our expectations will be, and then hopefully more of us will start to accept ourselves too."

Fans were loving the post, with it racking up more than 70,000 likes.

One told her: "You are the perfect example of using your platform the right way, I love this."

While another added: "Took progress photos today and for the first time ever I didn’t beat myself and nitpick every part of my body, these posts have been such a huge help on my journey."

A third chimed in: "I love your account and loveeee these posts. My favourite thing about myself is how great of a friend I am to the people I love."

The post comes after another influencer hits headlines this week as she defied trolls who tell her to cover up by posing a "real" bikini snap.

Karina Irby's natural bikini pictures have cruelly been branded "gross" by trolls, but the Instagram star refuses to let hate bring her down.

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