Influencer rocks ‘tiny little bikini’ after full course meal – despite trolls

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A body positive influencer has declared that she still will wear her "tiny little bikini" after eating a full course meal – no matter what the trolls say.

Emily Bispo, also known as Bunny, often bashes the ‘beauty ideals’ put on to women to look a certain way.

After spending years insecure about her figure and feeling as if she would never fully love herself, the tables have now turned.

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In a recent TikTok clip, Emily has explained that she strip down into swimwear even if she has a “bloated” belly.

She said: “Yes, I will still be wearing the tiny little bikini after a full course meal. I do not care if I ‘look bloated’.

“I do not care if people stare.

“This is my life baby, I do whatever I want.”

The dark haired influencer showed a picture of her plate after she ate her dinner.

Without a care in the world, Emily started to dance around in a floral bikini as she embraced her curvy figure.

She also sat down and flashed her relaxed tum while she sipped on a drink.

To end the clip, the body positive stunner climbed out of the pool in true model style.

Inspired by her self-love bikini clip, many people fled to the comments to praise the influencer for embracing her body no matter what.

One person commented: “You still look so good that’s the thing.”

Another user added: “I’m convinced you’re the best person on earth.”

While a third voiced: “You are truly heaven, don't care about the people.”

Someone else praised: “I have followed you for a couple months and always remember you when I need to remind myself I look good no matter what.”

Meanwhile, a fan shared: “You’ve genuinely helped me more than you know thank you so much.”

Previously, Emily opened up about being branded a 'whale' by 'teenage boys' as they would poke fun at her when she wore a bikini.

But it seems even cruel comments do not dampen her spirits!


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