Influencer accepts ‘change in body’ as fans praise her for lingerie snap

A woman has been hailed for opening up about the "change in her body" as she learned to accept it.

Hannah, 18, from Birmingham, has over 17,900 followers where she uses her Instagram to promote body positivity.

The eating disorder survivor also uses her platform to bravely open up about her recovery.

Now in a recent post, Hannah has finally come to terms with the changes in her body after revealing "it's okay".

She wrote: "My body has gained weight and doesn't look the exact same as it used to but you know what?

"That's OKAY I've changed and so has my body, BOTH for the better."

She revealed how for years of her life she's focused on external goals, like losing weight and trying to be smaller.

But all that has changed after realising how unhappy it used to make her.

Hannah added: "I sadly prioritised my looks over everything and it was the only thing I cared about.

"I was never happy or content, I was constantly unsatisfied and missing out on so much that life had to offer.

"I was so scared of the unknown and not being in control that the fear sadly ended up controlling me instead."

When she started her recovery, she knew she had to release the ideas of having a smaller body and work on becoming healthy.

And she came to terms with the fact that "our bodies aren't supposed to stay the same forever".

Hannah wrote: "It's OKAY for them to change, grow and gain weight.

"Our bodies are advanced vessels that evolve with us as we get older and live our lives. They're supposed to shift + adapt!

"Whether that be the extra pounds celebrating holidays to pregnancy, illnesses or old age!"

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She revealed: "We're not made to stay the exact same for our entire life and that's NORMAL.

"My body has already been different sizes and shapes growing up + it will continue to change throughout the rest of my life.

"You're not a failure for gaining weight or having a different body to one you've had in previous years. You're HUMAN!

"Stop beating yourself up + start being KINDER to yourself instead. Remember, bodies change but our worth does NOT."

In the photo, Hannah posed in her lingerie as she wrote on top of her snap: "Give your body permission to change."

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The post racked up over 5,000 likes with thousands of fans rushing to praise the influencer.

"Yassssss queen. Love this affirmation," said one.

Another added: "I agree 100%. Beautifully said," as a third gushed: "Love you and what you do. So much."

And a fourth simply wrote: "Always a queen, you are amazing."

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