'I'm not having a child-free wedding, your daughter just isn't invited'

There’s weddings that feature little flower girls, and kids dancing on the groom’s toes.

Then, there’s the weddings that are an oasis of calm, free of screaming children.

But this groom decided to go for somewhere in between, when he invited all their family and friends’ kids – apart from one.

Taking to Reddit, he explained: ‘I (27m) am getting married in the fall to my fiancé (25f) and we’ve decided that friends and family can bring their kids since, for the most part, the kids are well-behaved.

‘The only exception is my cousin Linda’s daughter Cerrie (12). Linda’s entitled and selfish, and she’s made her daughter entitled and selfish.

‘Two years ago my other cousin, Linda’s sister Lily, got married and Cerrie ruined the wedding by throwing a tantrum and destroying the cake because she was jealous that Lily’s daughter was the flower girl.’

That’s right, a 10-year-old threw a cake-wrecking tantrum at a family wedding – not a great look.

The groom went onto explain that Linda had recently called him, and mentioned how she thought child free weddings were ‘terrible.’

But the groom decided to grab the bull by the horns. ‘I told her I wasn’t having a child-free wedding,’ he wrote. ‘Cerrie just wasn’t invited because of what happened at Lily’s wedding. I don’t want a repeat of Cerrie seeing she’s not the flower girl again and throwing another fit.’

It won’t surprise you to learn that his cousin didn’t take it very well.

The groom-to-be added: ‘Linda’s since got all her friends and the few people in the family who take her side to bombard me, my fiancé and family with texts about how selfish we are for purposefully excluding one child while everyone else can bring their kids.’

People in the comments are overwhelmingly on the poster’s side, with one person writing: ‘Uninvite anyone that complained.’

Another commenter said: ‘Tell them the wedding isn’t child-free, but it is feral tyrant-free. Covers Cerrie and Karen [aka Linda]. No one’s obligated nor entitled to be invited to your wedding.’

The groom later added to the post: ‘Everyone keeps asking “Why invite Linda at all?” My family is very big on “family is everything”, “family first” and “respect your elders” – if I’d not invited Linda and her husband at all, the sh**storm would have been much bigger.’

Still, a major theme in the comments is that Linda and her partner should be uninvited too, given her stance on the matter.

One person advised: ‘Be prepared that she may bring Cerrie along anyway. IMO you better uninvite her if she’s so unhappy about this arrangement.’

We wonder how his big day is going to pan out…

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