I'm Britain's top fat-fluencer- trolls say I'm a whale but I'm healthy

I’m Britain’s most successful fat-fluencer and I’ve earned £30,000 online – haters call me a beached whale but I know I’m healthy

  • Megan Goldberger, 26, says she’s ‘extremely proud’ of her appearance 
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A plus-size influencer who has earned £30,000 online has hit back at trolls who labelled her a ‘beached whale’.

Megan Goldberger, 26, from Cardiff, who boasts 235,000 followers on TikTok and a further 15,600 on Instagram, claims to be the UK’s top ‘fat-fluencer’.

The social media star – who is a UK size 22 and weighs 19 stone – has been competing in beauty pageants since she was 17 and was crowned Miss Pageant Girl UK in 2021.

Speaking to The Sun, Megan said she is ‘extremely proud’ of her appearance and ‘loves every inch of [her] fat rolls and stretch marks’. 

She said: ‘Haters tell me I am ugly, a beached whale and a fat freak but for me it’s all water off a duck’s back.’

Pictured: Influencer Megan Goldberger, 26, from Cardiff, who boasts 235,000 followers on TikTok and a further 15,600 on Instagram

In the past year, Megan has collaborated with brands such as Shein, Cider, Turri Rogue lingerie and Hairburst.

Since she first started focusing on her social media accounts, the influencer claims she has earned £30,000 through sponsorship deals and affiliate links.

She added: ‘I was stunned when that one collaboration helped me pay off my debts of £3,000 and earned me enough in sales and incentives to be one third of the way to a house deposit.’

Megan believes she’s becoming increasingly in demand as fashion companies try to reach plus-size shoppers around the world. 

Alongside this, the influencer also has her own manifestation coaching business and works as a social media manager to help others grow their accounts. 

Although Meghan’s BMI of 40 puts her in the obese range, she insists that she is fit and healthy.  

On top of her other side hustles, the influencer claims to be a fitness instructor and says she works out at least three times a week.  

‘BMI is a random measurement and isn’t a proper measure of anything,’ she added.

Pictured: Megan’s recent campaign for Turri Rogue lingerie. The influencer claims to have earned £30,000 through paid sponsorships and affiliate links 

However, Megan wasn’t always so body-confident and particularly struggled with her self-image at school.

When she was in primary school, the influencer had to shop in the women’s section in clothing shops and was a size 16 when she hit 16.

During her teenage years, Megan tried out various diets – including going carb-free and only eating soup – in a bid to slim down.

Although she played netball and other sports, the social media star said she was called ‘fatso’ and ‘walrus’ by cruel bullies at school. 

At the age of 15, Megan attended a week-long confidence camp in Cardiff, which she said worked wonders for her self-esteem.

After this, she then started signing up to pageants. But rather than sticking to plus-size competitions, Megan made a point to apply to others where contestants would be smaller than her.

She added: ‘I shocked the pageant world by being a size 22 pageant princess competing against size eights.’ 

Despite being crowned Miss Divine UK in 2017 and beating girls who were six dress sizes smaller, Megan was heartbroken to find herself being trolled.

In the end, the influencer went to the police for advice after being inundated with hundreds of anonymous calls and texts.

She said: ‘I did not stop my campaign of awareness and spread by body positivity.’

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