I’m a sleep expert – the popular 'sleep-schedule' is a myth, there's a much better way to feel rested | The Sun

A SELF-PROCLAIMED sleep expert has claimed there’s a much better way to feel rested.

The TikToker, known only as Robyn, said the eight-hour sleep routine is a “scam”.

Experts at the Sleep Foundation have recommended adults should get between seven and nine hours of sleep every night.

But, Robyn claimed the routine has been “ingrained" into society.

She explained: “We didn’t use to abide by the eight-hour sleeping schedule.

 “We used to have two sleeps: they were called the first and second sleep.

“Basically, you would rise at a dawn and do the most of your work or if not all of your work for the first half of the day.”

Robyn explained that people would take their lunch break around noon before going for a nap.

She said: “It’s just another regenerative period for your body to restore the energy you had used previously.”

She said people would wake up around 4pm before continuing with the rest of their day.

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The clip has been liked more than 750,000 times online and has sparked a flurry of discussion.

One viewer admitted that they felt lazy after going for their second sleep.

TikTokers have said that taking an extra nap during the day after school and work makes them “feel better”.

Siestas, which translates into an afternoon sleep, are common across Mediterranean and Southern European countries.

Most stores shut between 2pm and 4pm so their workers can take a short rest during the hottest part of the day.

Experts at the National Sleep Foundation say that a 20-minute rest can improve your alertness.

Meanwhile, child sleep expert Hannah Costello, has said parents should check if their baby needs more rest if they wake up too early.

She said: "If your baby is waking and is falling straight back to sleep on you with cuddles, a feed or with help then they need more sleep."

She recommended that parents should install black-out blinds which can help stop early morning light from getting through.

Costello also explained that summer is the perfect time to encourage a later bedtime.

And, a study by the Northwestern University School of Medicine claims that sleeping with the slightest ambient lighting can harm your cardiovascular function.

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Chief of Sleep Medicine Phyllis Zee and her team examined the role of how light affects sleep among healthy adults between 63 and 84.

Sleeping for only one night with a dim light, such as a TV set, raised people's blood sugar and heart rate, according to the study.

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