I'm a Newly Engaged Fashion Editor, and These Are the Wedding Dresses I'm Loving Right Now

I recently got engaged, and while I'd love to play it cool and pretend I'm not that person who's dreamed of their wedding their whole life — right down to the first dance song and the cute little hashtag (which may or may not have been brainstormed about four years ago) — I can't lie. I work in fashion, after all. Once I fully celebrated finding the love of my life, my brain couldn't help but highlight a major perk of having a wedding: finally, finally getting to wear an elaborate white wedding dress.

Coincidentally, I 'said yes' right around the time when brands are showcasing their Fall 2022 bridal collections, which are full of gorgeous gowns that could very well become my own. At this point, I've literally made zero plans — there's no guest list, no venue, and a very, very vague timeline. But I can tell you that I don't plan on keeping things simple when it comes to what I'm wearing. This new season of wedding dresses is full of puff sleeves, long trains, and whimsical embellishments — aka elements I enjoy wearing in my day-to-day life and would definitely want to incorporate on my wedding day.

Should you be getting married as well, or just enjoy looking at gowns and keeping up with current styles (same), I've compiled a list of a few of my favorite fall 2022 wedding dresses, ahead, along with my reasoning why they might be the one for me.

Galia Lahav

If I had an unlimited amount of money (which is 100% not the case), I would buy myself this entire collection and have outfit changes throughout the night. Galia Lahav's designs always feel like a fantasy come to life — it's what you wear if you're hoping to take everyone's breath away, including your partner's. Aside from that plunging neckline and the floral appliqué, I'm really into these oversized sleeves, which I'd probably swirl around for hours and feel a bit witchy wearing (which is definitely a good thing in my book).

Vera Wang

Vera Wang wedding dresses are popular for a reason. The designer who takes credit for our love of leggings simply knows how to create something special, and while a combination of beading and an extra-large flower may feel over-the-top to some, that's exactly the vibe I'm going for. I can already envision posing for photos with my future husband, hugging him as I toss a glance over the dress' statement shoulder.

Viktor & Rolf

A few years ago, right after my grandmother passed away, I found a ton of photos of her 1950s wedding dress, the bottom of which looked a little something like this. I became obsessed with having a skirt that featured a combination of materials and seeing the tulle poke out from underneath a top layer. The super sweet bow detail here only makes the design feel even more retro, while the pockets are perfect for holding an emergency tube of lipstick.


When it comes to trends versus personal style, I'll forever choose the latter. As fashion history has taught us, everything comes in and out of rotation anyway, and I'd much rather look back on my wedding day and confidently say I wore something that felt very 'me.' With that being said, I've spotted removable sleeves in a number of Fall 2022 collections, and I admittedly love them. On top of adding extra warmth during cooler months, they're romantic and easy way to change up your look throughout the celebration.

Nadia Manjarrez

At this point, I've attended enough traditional weddings to know that they're just not my style. Even before the pandemic (or my engagement, for that matter), I toyed with the idea of having an intimate brunch wedding where I'd happily party it up a short dress — something I've never actually seen anyone do in real life. The off-the-shoulder ruffles and long train featured in this option would still keep things fun and fancy, and if I was really feeling daring, I'd complete the look with heeled boots instead of pumps.

Peter Langner

Speaking of an off-the-shoulder ruffle, this floor-length option, which even includes an illusion neckline (to save you from constantly adjusting), caught my eye as well. The button detailing would look so pretty coming down the aisle, and instead of covering it up with a veil, I'd go with a white, wide-brim hat to really give it a '70s feel. (Like I said — non-traditional!)

Anne Barge

I may be a bride, but I'm also a fashion editor and my main goal here is help other people find something that might work for their wedding, too. If simple is more your style, there is one wedding dress we can (probably) both agree on: this modified A-line beauty from Anne Barge. The skirt shape, square neck, and low-cut, illusion arm holes make it just interesting and statement-making enough while still keeping it classic. And, since there's no beading, you can really amp it up with bold accessories, such as a poufy pair of gloves.

Sassi Holford

Another option that puts a playful twist on a more traditional design is this sleek, fitted choice from Sassi Holford. The classic cut and satin material come across as dainty and delicate, so the focus can really be on you (and, obviously, your significant other). However, those tulle bows make it feel extra special and fashion forward.

Sophie Et Voilà

Another classic, simple shape with something extra to spice it up. This long, column gown focuses on that one-shoulder detail — a detail that, to me, always feels fresh and exciting (plus, like I said before, it will make for some great over-the-shoulder photos). To be honest, this particular design reminds me of Amal Clooney (clearly a compliment!) because she's known to wear asymmetrical looks on the red carpet.


I've written about wedding dresses for years, but I sometimes forget that the back of the gown is just as important as the front. After all, it's what everyone sees as you walk down the aisle and probably throughout the ceremony, too. While there are so many details to keep an eye out for, like a trail of buttons or beading, I love how glamorous long bows or cape-like details can be. It reminds me of something you might see in an old Hollywood movie. All that's missing are a pair of gloves and a birdcage veil.

Reem Acra

Here's a confession for you: I actually have an Airbnb list called "Castles" (because yes, you can book those on there). Personally, I'm fine with just taking a quick weekend trip and then forcing my fiancé to snap photos of me as I pretend to run away like I'm in a perfume ad. However, I also wouldn't mind saying "I do" princess style, or wearing this lacy, tapered puff-sleeve dress to my own royal wedding.

Dany Tabet

Speaking of royal weddings, this train definitely gives off a modern-day duchess vibe. While I'm admittedly concerned that, combined with those puff-sleeves, it might be a whole lot of dress for little 5'0 me, I still kind of want to try it on — and take 10 million pictures.


As a fashion-loving bride (and unfortunately for my bank account) I simply can't picture myself wearing only one dress for my whole reception. I've always imagined I'd change into a look that allows for a bit more movement, such as this high-low design from PatBO. With the addition of sneakers, sandals, or boots (literally anything without a heel), it'll be easier to dance, socialize, and have fun.

Francesca Miranda

To be honest, I've never thought about wearing an organza top and slinky skirt as my second look, but after seeing this combination, I'm kind of like, "Um, why the hell not?!" With the addition of the big white studs included in the photo, it's a look that feels elevated yet casual — and something that might make future kids will say, "Ugh, our mom was so cool!"

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