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DENTISTS are always nagging us not to scoff too many sweets to save our teeth.

But there are several other snacks to avoid if you want perfect gnashers.

According to London-based cosmetic dentist and founder of Bespoke Smile, Dr Sam Jethwa, some are more obvious than others.

And the worst offenders can actually turn your teeth yellow, chip the enamel and even cause them to crack.

Here are the top five items he advises Brits to steer clear of.


Enjoyed by many with their roast dinners, pork crackling can prove a serious problem when it comes to your teeth.


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The crunchy side dish has the potential to cause crevices to appear, as well as decay over time.

This can lead to sensitivity and pain, and the need for fillings.

Dr Jethwa told MailOnline: "Cracks are usually down to bite issues but are also often caused by eating foods such as crackling, or biting on a popcorn kernel which is why I try to avoid all of these. 

"Particles of these crunchy foods can also get stuck in the grooves of your teeth, causing tooth decay over time."

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Another food with the potential to cause some damage is olives, he said.

While they are a great snack, the stones hiding within them can be dangerous.

Like crackling, biting down onto a pit can mean cracks start to appear in your teeth.

This risk increases with age as our teeth become weaker, Dr Jethwa added.


Turmeric has become something of a "superfood" when it comes to our health thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

But for our teeth, it's best to keep consumption to a minimum if you want them to stay pearly white.

The bright yellow-orange spice, common in curries and warm drinks with milk, can stain them the same colour, Dr Jethwa warned.

And it's even worse for anyone who has had whitening treatment or if you've got veneers.

He said: "After whitening treatment your teeth can be more vulnerable to staining and, although porcelain veneers should not be stained by turmeric, your natural teeth can be and so since your veneers are matched to your natural teeth, your veneers will stand out."


A slightly more obvious food to avoid to keep your teeth looking their best is toffees – or any other extremely sticky sweet.

They are so "terrible" that Dr Jethwa said he would simply never eat one.

This is partly down to their high sugar content – which is one of the main causes of tooth decay – but also their texture.

"Not only does the fact that they're so chewy mean that they stick to your teeth for a longer period of time than most foods, meaning they're more likely to cause decay, but the sticky texture of them could also pose huge problems for people who have fillings, crowns, composite bondings or braces because they could dislodge or even pull out any of these," he said.


And finally, Dr Jethwa would swerve gobstoppers "at all costs".

He said they can cause cracks, chips, cavities and tooth decay so it was a no-brainer.

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They are almost entirely sugar.

When eaten, bacteria is produced in your mouth and acid starts to dissolve the tooth surface. – the first stage of decay.

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