I'm a dentist and these are signs you need to book an appointment NOW

FOR many people the festive period and those few days after New Year's Eve means tucking into some of our favourite foods and sweet treats.

This can play havoc with our teeth and one dentist has revealed the key signs to look out for in the following weeks which mean you should book an appointment.

Speaking to The Sun, Dr Azad Eyrumlu, of London-based Banning Dental Group, said it's really important that people keep on top of their dental appointments.

The pandemic saw many people struggling to get appointments, and that backlog has continued to make it difficult for patients to get a slot.

Data from Banning Dental Group found three quarters of people who struggled to access NHS treatment faced a wait of more than three months. 

Their poll found that 34 per cent of people said they had waited for four to six months, and a further 15 per cent said they had waited for seven to nine months. 

A staggering 12 per cent said they had waited 16 months or longer. 

When looking after your oral health, Dr Eyrumlu said bleeding gums are generally caused by poor oral hygiene, although there are other causes. 

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He added: “Ideally you should be visiting a hygienist every six months and if you’re a smoker or suffer from fragile gums, then it should be even more frequent. 

“Bleeding gums are often caused by poor brushing which causes plaque to build up between teeth. Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria and if it’s not removed it can lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

“There are also several studies indicating a possible connection between inflamed gums and general health concerns such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes.”

Another issue that a specialist should look at, Dr Eyrumlu said, is receding gums.

Receding gums are often caused by a development of gum disease but can also be the case by brushing too hard and can get worse with age. 

This in turn can lead to sensitivity because the roots of the teeth can become uncovered when the gum recedes. 

Dr Eyrumlu said: "Left untreated, a tooth that may only have required a simple filling could result in a possible extraction or root canal treatment. 

“Pain, swelling and lesions in the mouth and lips could mean any number of things and it requires a dentist to take a look.

"Spotting problems early and taking action can in many cases prevent treatment down the line. They can also save your life.”


Over 8,000 people are diagnosed with mouth cancer in the UK every year.

Key signs of mouth cancer include mouth ulcers that are painful and don't heal, unexplained loose teeth or sockets that do not heal after extractions and changes in speech.

Dr Eyrumlu said a niggling sore in your gums could only require a basic treatment plan, but you wouldn’t want it to be anything more sinister.

He added: "It’s really important people maintain regular appointments with their dentist.

"Prevention is always better than cure and in so many cases something that could have been prevented with a hygienist appointment may later result in the need for a filling. 

“As well as a check-up, if you experience problems in between appointments then you shouldn’t delay trying to see someone.”

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