‘I’m 60 but my daughter & I look like twins – people always think we’re sisters’

A mum who always gets told she looks like her daughter's twin revealed the secrets to her age-defying appearance.

Dawn Hubsher, 60, and Cher Hubsher, 30, from Florida, and New York, respectively, look almost like twins.

The pair often post videos together on TikTok where they'll try on clothes and have a laugh.

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According to The Sun US, many people comment on Dawn's youthful appearance as people can't get over how great she looks.

As so many people were reaching out to them, the 60-year-old shared her top tips on the best ways to stay youthful.

Dawn said: "The best advice I can give is don't sweat the small stuff."

But it's not only avoiding stress that she sees as crucial, as she said there are other simple steps you can take to fight off the wrinkles.

She continued: "Drink lots of water. Lots and lots of it."

The mum also said eating healthily is key, and Dawn even follows a vegetarian diet to avoid meat and fish.

Meanwhile her daughter admits she follows a vegan diet.

Both of them also say people need to stay out of the sun for as long as they can, adding: "Stay out of the sun or always wear a hat."

Even if the sun isn't glimmering, they said wearing SPF is always a good idea to ensure your skin is protected from damage.

After all, too much sunlight is known for causing the appearance of ageing.

Both Dawn and Cher also ensure they exercise every day, so they recommend staying as active as possible.

They claimed keeping fit is a really important factor when it comes to looking as young and fresh.

And – when it comes to skincare – they said the key is making sure you use products that work for you.

"Always use good skincare products, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are just naming a few," Dawn added.

People have been left gobsmacked by how young they look, with one social media user commenting: "They both look half their age."


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