‘I’m 18 and my career is more important than dating – no man can make me happy’

A woman who puts her career over relationships claimed "no guy can make me as happy as my job".

Iryna Cheneko, 18, has always had her dream career of being a stylist in mind – and nothing can get in the way.

She jumped at the chance to kickstart her profession when she had the opportunity to move to New York, US, in 2022.

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Although she still dates, Iryna doesn't allow men to distract her from work and wants to meet someone like-minded.

She said she would need someone who's understanding if she needed to cancel a date to prioritise her work.

The career-driven woman, originally from Ukraine, said: "I'm always prioritising my work over a relationship.

"That's because nobody can ever made me as happy as my job."

Iryna has always dreamed of a career in fashion since she was a child as she loved the hit movie Devil Wears Prada.

"It makes me the happiest – seeing the results of my work," she gushed. "I'll always prioritise it over anything."

The stylist moved to New York in September 2022 after securing a scholarship at Berkley College to study fashion.

In her first week, she attended New York Fashion Week and now works as a stylist alongside her studies.

She often finds herself working unsociable hours but still makes time to go on dates and hang out with friends.

"I'd never date a guy who says 'don't work be a stay at home mum'," she admitted.

"I want someone who respects my career. And who will also be interested in their career."

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Iryna added: "I just have to meet the right person.

"It's very important to find a passionate and ambitious person."

She said she would "sideline" her relationship to put her work first and would expect her partner to understand this.

The workaholic continued: "The perfect match for me will be someone who doesn't work a 9-5.

"Someone with understanding if I need to work in the evening or weekend."

She loves that she's focusing on herself while she's still young and believes she'll find the right person eventually.

And she hopes people can realise how important a career can be.

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Iryna concluded: "People first need to realise that right person comes when they least expect it.

"Focus on your carer and then find your person.

"At my age it's important to set base for future career.

"I'll always be able to find a relationship. I'd never believe at 18 I'd be living in New York by myself.

"I'm living dream life and dream career. Anything is possible."

She sure is a girl who knows what she wants and we respect that…

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