‘I wanted vagina op as I thought mine was unattractive – but now I know truth’

A body positive influencer has told fans she used to want vagina surgery as she was convinced hers was 'abnormal'.

However, she says she now knows it was fine all along, and it was just other people and society's perceptions making her feel like that.

Australian social media star Bella Davis made the confession to her 258,000 followers on Instagram this week.

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Addressing her fans, she wrote: "When I was 12 I used to avoid wearing tight jeans and gym shorts because you could visibly see my vulva and I was told that was shameful.

"At 14 I wanted a labiaplasty to shorten my labia as I thought it was abnormal and unattractive because it stuck out.

"When I was 18 a partner mentioned how weird it is that my labia hangs out.

"At 19 the porn industry convinced me that pubic hair wasn’t attractive so therefore I shaved mine and was left with angry red bumps across my vulva."

She continued: "Growing up I had only ever seen a handful of vulvas represented in the media, and they were always perfectly symmetrical, hairless, bump-free, neat and small. Not an accurate representation of what vulvas can look like.

"Throughout my teen years and into my early 20s I felt embarrassed and insecure about my vulva. So much that I would attempt to tuck my inner labia in whenever I was about to be intimate with another.

Feeling insecure about our vulvas is something I’m sure many of us can relate to.

"But I’m here to remind you that all vulvas are normal! Each vulva looks different from one another and It’s perfectly normal if you have a dangly labia, puffy labia or tucked-in labia.

"It’s okay if your labia sticks out past your outer labia like mine does or if your inner labia is more tucked in. It’s normal for your vulva to be asymmetrical, darker in some parts or if you have a prominent clitoral hood.

"Vulvas come in a range of different colours and sizes. So does pubic hair. Your vulva isn’t ugly and you deserve to embrace your vulva because all vulvas are unique, different, worthy and normal."

To document her words, Bella shared a photo of her nether regions in black underwear.

She captioned the image: "Every vulva is different, normal, worthy."

Fans praised Bella for her honest post, which racked up more than 533,000 likes.

Many also said they had felt similar, as one wrote: "Wish I had this in my adolescence. Spent a lot of years being self-conscious for merely existing in a human body."

Another added: "I found myself re-liking the post on every slide."

A third chimed in: "Great for men to read and understand also. Gives perspective for us who think we are the only ones with insecurities due to the way 'things'are portrayed in media and porn. Great post."

The post comes after Bella told Daily Star in an exclusive chat that she's constantly trolled for stripping off and flaunting her body.


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