‘I thought I’d only love myself when thin – but I’m so confident 40lbs heavier’

A body positive influencer has admitted that she once thought she would only love herself if she was thin – but now is happy being 2.8 stone heavier.

Emily Bispo, 23, regularly posts uplifting content on TikTok where she inspires her 1.3 million followers to embrace their own bodies.

The American influencer, also known as Bunny, tends to strip down into bikinis to flaunt her natural figure in all its glory.

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But only a couple of years back when the content creator was just 19-years-old, she thought that she could only be happy if she was ‘thin’.

Fast forward to now, Emily has revealed how she is more confident now weighing an extra 2.8 stone.

In a TikTok clip that has racked up 87,000 views, the dark haired beauty explained: “Me at 19: I will literally only love myself if I’m thin.”

The bare face babe then wiggled around on the floor as she flashed her belly in a bralette and shorts and said: “Me at 23, recovered, 40lbs heavier, and the most confident I have ever been.”

Inspired by Emily’s self-love transformation, many people fled to the comments to thank her for being honest and embracing her body.

One person commented: “I’m pretty sure you're the one that made me realise I'm perfect the way I am.”

Another user added: “You've made me feel so confident about my body. I have gained about 50lbs and I was destroyed but now I feel confident in my skin!!”

While a third person voiced: “I literally love you, you’ve helped me become so confident in my body.”

Someone else admitted: “As a 19 year old this gives me hope.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user praised: “I love you so much you give me so much confidence and make me feel good about myself.”


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