‘I strip to lingerie to feel sexy – it’s not for anyone else’s benefit’

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    It's no secret that slipping into sexy lingerie can make you feel super confident.

    Maybe that's why one woman decided she needed to turn it into a profession.

    Gemma Lago, 30, from Sussex, started modelling in 2015 after winning a free photoshoot with a local photographer – and it completely changed her life.

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    She instantly "found a love" for it – and, because it made her feel so good about herself, she decided to work in the industry.

    The model loves wearing lingerie because it makes her feel "sexy and confident".

    But even though her Instagram page is full of pictures of herself showing off her body in saucy undies, she wants people to know she does it all for herself and to empower other women.

    Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Gemma said: "I wear it for me.

    "We’ve been conditioned to think that lingerie is just about women seducing men, but actually lingerie is for everyone.

    "And we can just wear it for ourselves – it doesn’t always have to be for someone else’s benefit.

    "I have been that girl who’s been self-conscious of her body, and hated what she saw in the mirror.

    "I wish I’d known back then that sexy is a feeling – not a body size or shape.

    "When you work on your mindset it makes such a difference to the way you see yourself, and the world."

    Gemma said people are always going to judge you, and society's idea of the "perfect body" is constantly changing.

    This is why she thinks people should love themselves – regardless of what others say or think.

    She also wants the women around her, and the young girls who look up to her, to feel empowered and uplifted by the message she tries to share via her platform.

    "I have a younger sister, nieces and younger cousins, and even friends, who I want to inspire to love themselves and to not pick apart everything about their face or body when they look in the mirror like I did," she added.

    "To realise how beautiful and unique they are.

    "I understand that I am very lucky to have such amazing supportive people around me though – some people sadly can’t say the same.

    "I just want to try and help give others the courage to find that belief in themselves and love themselves, and let go of anything in their life that does not make them happy."

    Gemma has tried her hand at various types of modelling – but she spends most of her time rocking lingerie from home as she loves to show off pieces by her favourite brands on Instagram.

    Back in 2022 she was involved in the Ann Summers Christmas campaign, which she said was a "dream come true".

    She had always dreamt of working with the brand, so when she saw herself in the shop window she said it felt "incredible".

    When asked what she thinks is the secret to feeling sexy in your own skin, Gemma said: "I’ve actually been really interested in the law of attraction for years now and the notion that your 'thoughts become things', so the thoughts and feelings you have can have an impact on your life and your mental well being.

    "So affirming to yourself daily that you are sexy, you are happy, you are this and that – even if you don’t feel it.

    "Then you’ll believe it so it will become a natural feeling, and you’ll then feel more confident in the process.

    "I’ve had public platforms since 2015, so I’m used to getting both love and hate.

    "I’ve come to realise that everyone on social media experiences getting trolled, but it’s not a reflection of you, it’s a reflection of them.

    "I have had comments about my acne in the past, or get called a catfish if I show my face without makeup, or people have either called me too fat or too skinny.

    "You begin to realise that people are always going to have something to say but it’s not even about you – they aren’t happy with themselves and they project it onto others."

    You can find out more about Gemma at her Instagram page.


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