I spend a fortune on escorts but what I really want is a wife and kids

DEAR DEIDRE: I’ve spent a fortune on escorts and now I’d like to have a real relationship.

After years of being single, I started seeing escorts for company and sex. 

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It was good for a while. Some of them were lovely, but I’ve also had a lot of bad experiences, which made me feel unclean and empty. 

Now I’m 36 and I realise I’ve been wasting my time, as well as my money. 

What I really want is to find love. I want someone who cares for me and is interested in me, not my wallet.

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I might even like to have a family some day.

The problem is, I have no idea where to meet a woman who’d want me.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Escorts are a short-term and unsatisfactory fix, if it’s love that you crave. 

My support pack on Finding the Love of Your Life, will give you some tips. 

Relationships often grow from friendship, and those founded on friendship are more likely to last.

Get involved in activities that interest you and make friends with women with whom you share things in common.

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