‘I made a list of reasons I don’t want kids – even parents agree with me’

A young woman has been praised by parents on TikTok after she made an honest list of reasons why she doesn't want to have children.

Lorella Palmer, 23, gained more than 198,000 views on her videos where she explains why she doesn't want to be a mum, which included things like losing her freedom to not wanting to share food.

However, at the top of her list, the woman, who was raised by her single dad, said that there was no returns policy on kids.

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In the clip, she explained: "What if after ten years of having a child I wake up one day thinking 'do you know what, I've tried this, I've tested this, it's just not for me?'"

She also said that she didn't like that “mums are just expected to do everything and if a dad does just his normal dad duties he's applauded."

Lorella added: “I’m talking about when there’s a mum and dad both in the relationship, there’s rarely an equal balance of parenting, it makes no sense."

The influencer also claimed to hate mornings and couldn't be bothered to be up early enough for the school run and to make lunches.

She also doesn't want to share food and lose her freedom.

But on a more serious note, she also said she didn't want to add the housing crisis as even with two “very successful” businesses, she felt like she could not afford a home.

She also showed little faith in the education and health sectors as she branded them an "absolute mess."

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Viewers praised her for her honesty as many thought her reasons were completely valid – including some parents.

One user said: "Ngl as a Mum, these are all such valid reasons I swear."

Another added: "Spitting straight facts."

A third wrote: “I’m a parent and I can genuinely see your points why you wouldn’t want children.”

A fourth argued: "Good for you. It's not for everyone hun.


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