‘I made £16,000 in one day cleaning hoarder homes’

A young professional cleaner has revealed she can make thousands of dollars in one day by cleaning hoarder homes.

Charlotte, 20, began cleaning to make money while at university as a side hustle, and now owns a successful business that has nine members of staff.

She began cleaning one year ago and said it was “overwhelming” when she first stepped into a cluttered home but is extremely sympathetic to the mental health issues hoarders face.

On TikTok, Charlotte said: “It is so easy to assume why someone’s house is the way it is, but there are so many factors that contribute to a hoarder’s home.

“Mental health plays a significant role in the cleanliness of one’s home so before [you] comment, think about what you’re saying.”

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Charlotte is the founder of Care Cleaning Services and, on her TikTok account @carecleaningservicessyd, she shares what a house looks like before and after she is done cleaning.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Charlotte said the first time she cleaned a hoarder’s home it was “extremely tiring” but was “the most rewarding thing I have ever accomplished”.

She said: “Being able to help people that feel there is no way out is the best feeling in the world. You just have to put your head down and go for it.”

Charlotte said she sets out to improve the lives of her customers rather than attempt to change their lifestyle and has worked during holidays because she knew their homes could get “out of hand” without help.

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Charlotte’s business first began as a side job while she was studying at university and she now has nine people working for her.

She said: “I started the business about a year ago now when I was in university. It was meant to be a little side hustle to earn some extra cash as I was living out of home.”

However, Charlotte soon realised that there was a need for cleaners in her area and knew she had the “passion” to make the cleaning enterprise successful.

She said: “I got into the industry by making as many connections as possible for advertisement and getting my business name out there and just giving myself no other choice than to make it happen!”

Charlotte has said that when she first begins cleaning a home, she maps out what needs to be done and begins disposing of all the waste laying around, which can be rotten food, leaking bin bags and dirty dishes.

Charlotte has said a home takes between two to six hours to fully clean and has told Mamamia of how she sometimes charges between “$5,000 (£4,000) to sometimes into $20,000 (£16,000) or more” to clean a hoarder home.

However, on average Charlotte has said she earns around $3,500 a week by only working three hours a day.

On TikTok, Charlotte has faced criticism for her prices, and has hit back at someone who told her she was “an absolute rip-off”.

In response, Charlotte made a video, telling viewers: “I have multiple staff going out to different locations, so I can profit off their jobs as well. It is definitely not me overcharging a client.”

She added: “We never force anyone to pay that much, we always tell them the price upfront so if they have a problem with it they are more than welcome to go to another company.”

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