I have to ask my husband for money after I got myself into a bit of debt

DEAR DEIDRE:  I HAVE to ask my husband for money for everything, even a pint of milk.

He always moans. I got myself into a bit of debt and now he feels the need to  control every part of my life.

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I took out credit cards without telling him. He found out and paid off the debts but now my wages get paid into his account. I am 39 and my  husband is 41. 

We’ve been married for 12 years and have two boys aged ten and eight. He opens my post and I feel like a failure. All we do is argue. 

DEIDRE SAYS: Was it a “bit of debt” or a lot of debt? Did it give your husband a real scare?

Tell him you’re sorry you deceived him but you’re both miserable living like this. It’s illegal for him to open your mail without authorisation.

Say that you need an allowance for day-to-day expenses. Get free help at moneyadviceservice.org.uk (0800 138 7777).

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