I hate flies – this hack will get rid of them for good in your house

This simple trick to rid flies from your home for good – and all your need are three basic ingredients

  • A TikToker has shared an inexpensive trick to get rid of pesky flies in your house
  • Dustin Hadley, known as That40yearguy, posted the hack to millions of followers
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As a last-minute heatwave graces the UK, with temperatures climbing above 30C in some places, pesky flies and wasps will no doubt be out in full force.  

Now, one TikToker has shared what he claims is a fail-safe method to get rid of the pesky creatures, and all you need is three ingredients. 

Dustin Hadley, known online as That40yearguy, posted the hack to his 3.3 million TikTok followers. 

In the video captioned ‘I cannot stand flies’ he begins by showing followers a recipe called the ‘Fly Getter’.

TikToker Dustin Hadley has shared one fail-safe method to get rid of pesky flies in your house – and all you need is three ingredients 

To make the homemade concoction, all you need brown sugar, water and honey a plastic cup and some tape 

Holding his notepad to the camera, the recipe reads: ‘1 tsp honey, 1/3 brown sugar and 1 cup water.’ 

Ready to prepare the mixture he said: ‘If it works, I’m going to save this.’

First, Dustin takes a water bottle and cuts the plastic a quarter of the way down, and places it to the side. 

He then puts the three ingredients into the cup and tells his followers to ‘mix it up’.

He then takes the removed top, takes the cap off and places it upside down in the bottle. 

Adding some tape to the top of the bottle to hold it in place, he said: ‘Now take it outside and test it outside.’

Dustin shared the successful result to his 3.3 million TikTok followers, and many are jumping to try the hack themselves 

Placing it on a table outside, he told his followers to wait a day to see the results.  

After returning from work the next day, Dustin was excited to see the outcome of his ‘homemade fly-getter’.

Looking at the homemade trap, he said ‘Oh wow, there’s a ton of them in there.’ 

Holding it up to the camera, Dustin sniffed the fly grave and told his followers it didn’t smell of anything. 

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The now-viral video has been viewed nearly 23 million times, and over 11,000 people took to the comment section. 

 One user commented: ‘Recall the old saying “you’ll attract more flies with honey” guess it’s true.’

An extremely grateful TikToker commented: ‘You may have saved the world.’

Another user, jumping at the chance to try the trick, wrote: ‘When I say I HATE flies… they make my skin crawl and we get plenty of them come in the house. I am doing this now!!’

‘I’ve been doing this for years. I use a 2 litre so it lasts longer,’ one ahead of the crowd user wrote.

Meanwhile, some users warned that the concoction could attract ants, and one person warned: ‘That’s good for the house, but don’t leave that outside. You’ll actually draw flies towards your house. It’s happened to me. Trust me.’

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