I gave my son £120k to buy a home but now his wife is threatening me | The Sun

DEARDEIDRE: GAVE £120,000 to my son to help him and his family buy their dream house. 

It was done on the understanding that my wife and I would convert an old barn in the grounds into a home for us.

The purchase went through and work started on the barn. But my son’s wife kept interfering in the plans and within a few weeks she told us to leave, or she’d take legal action.

I tried talking to my son but to no avail. His wife’s very controlling.
He 36 and my daughter-in-law is 34.

She said she wouldn’t let us see our grandchildren unless we backed down.

I tried to get my money back through a solicitor but because it was a gift, we were unable to.

I’m 64 and my wife’s 62. We are broken-hearted. There’s very little communication with my son and the few conversations we’ve had are very negative.

I desperately miss him and the grandchildren. I can’t cope with going down any legal routes to see them. It’s much too painful.

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DEIDRE SAYS: This is heartbreaking. Your daughter-in-law sounds like she wants to control the agenda.

You need to work out what matters most to you – playing an active part in your grandchildren’s lives that means saying how much you regret what has happened, or continuing to recover your money and being cut out.

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