I don't want kids but I don't want my girlfriend to break up with me

DEAR DEIDRE: I KNOW I don’t want to get married nor have children, but how do I tell my girlfriend?

I am 32 and my girlfriend is 30. We met six months ago on an online chat forum.

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We have been getting on so well and have the same tastes in so many things.

The challenge is going to come further down the line as she has told me that she wants to be with somebody who she can get married to and have a family with.

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I want to concentrate on my career and see the world. I’m worried telling her will cause us to break up, which is the last thing I want.

How do I tell her?

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DEIDRE SAYS: Many men and women have no desire to ever have children.

Don’t avoid the topic or cover up your true feelings when the conversation arrives, as it naturally will.


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Calmly explain how you feel. You may find she has similar views, so try not to second guess.

Honesty really is the best policy.

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