‘I catfished my ex who went missing and didn’t pay child support – I found him’

A mum has shared the incredible lengths she went to to get her ex-husband to cough up money for child support.

Stephanie explained in a now-viral TikTok video that the father of her daughter “stopped showing up two years ago”.

“He hadn’t been paying child support and the courts couldn’t find him,” she wrote.

So the canny mum decided to take matters into her own hands by catfishing the bloke – pretending to be someone she was not.

And it worked a treat. “He gave me his address and where he worked,” she said.

“I sent all the info to support enforcement and now I get child support weekly from his paychecks. He’s still behind $23k (£16.5k).”

Since it was shared last year, Stephanie’s video has received more than 480,000 “likes” and attracted thousands of comments.

“That’s my kind of petty and I am here for it,” one viewer wrote.

Another was confused why the man was so forthcoming, asking: “Wait he gave an address to a complete stranger?”

Stephanie jokingly replied: “Scary right? I guess he was in desperate need of some company.”

“I think I speak for all single mums when I say ‘you go girl’,” a third added.

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Several other mums jumped into the comments section to share their own stories.

One revealed: “I did this without catfishing. It was great. And then told his other baby mama so we both get it.”

And someone else said her ex mother-in-law gave her all the info, saying: “’My son is going to be responsible for his actions’.”

It comes after another dad was caught on camera dumping 80,000 coins onto the garden of his ex-partner to pay off the final child support payment.

But the horrified mum, Avery Sanford, turned the action around by donating all the money to a local shelter.

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