I can’t confront my bullying nan as my parents will think I’m picking on her – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY grandmother treats me like a child, as if I’m stupid, though I’m a woman of 30.

I’d confront her, but Nan has multiple sclerosis and my parents would think I’m bullying her – when actually she is bullying me.

The other day I went shopping for her as she is too weak to go round the shops. She sneered at me because I’d picked the wrong teabags when she should have said, “Thank you”. This behaviour makes me want to leave her to fend for herself.

DEIDRE SAYS: I wonder if your grandmother felt guilty afterwards. She must find it depressing to see her health ebbing away.

But it’s not right that she’s taking her frustration out on you.

Next time say, “I know it’s tough for you, Nan, but you hurt my feelings when you sneer at me.”

Can a motorised wheel-chair be organised for her so you could shop together? See motability.co.uk.

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